Like it had to happen, it happened. There were ‘countless’ words written on Rahul Gandhi’s CII speech on April 4 which many saw as an opportunity where Rahul (the future prime-ministerial candidate) discussed about his ‘India Vision’.

It cannot be said and can remain in the realm of endless debates that how much of the speech was ‘India envisioned’ but there was some ‘unique’ clarity on the use of the term (or should we say the symbolism?) ‘beehive’ that enticed(?) many to individualize the term and present their own viewpoints on Rahul’s vision. It choked an already grumbled vision looking to understand the ‘vision’ of Rahul’s hour-long speech delivered to a section of suit-clad Indian industrialists.

And to add to it, Narendra’s Modi’s prompt reaction and other politicians’ spontaneous observations only charmed the ‘many’ to come up with innovatively decorative words on ‘what vision could be seen in Rahul’s India Vision’.

Let’s see some of the most innovative ones trending over the Internet platforms.

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Rahul Gandhi gives India Inc a ‘bee’ school lecture

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My favourite one among all these is Rahul Gandhi gives India Inc a ‘bee’ school lecture. What is yours? (Also, the list could see more entries in the days to come.)

Midst the flow of words sliding over the issue(?), an interesting ‘bee’ story was revisited. It dates back to March 2010 when due to a Rahul Gandhi’s meeting in Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur district (part of his parliamentary constituency Amethi), ‘beehives’ were removed from the venue as the Special Protection Group (SPG) demanded it.

Incidentally, the ‘beehives’ were not a matter of concern and nobody had asked to remove them when Rahul Gandhi had held a meeting at the same venue in 2009.

The move had echoes of the incident where bees had swarmed the venue of Mayawati rally in Lucknow held few days before Rahul’s Sultanpur meeting. The ‘bee stings’ had proved to be so stinging that it created a political uproar and an FIR was lodged to investigate the allegations of political conspiracy.

What does this ‘bee’ episode tell about an ‘India envisioned’ political class?

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