A year or so to that flow

Two and half deaths in a row
That crushing, blow after blow
Life, you tried all, stooped so low
Yet I am there, never to bow
What I knew,
Was never unknown
What life forgot,
Was never to be known
What had been sown,
Was never to be shown
Yet I am there,
As I had known
A fistful of this,
A Soulful of that
Words when they flew,
They did know,
Journey to the lost shore,
A known urge to know more
Once to the shore,
They push the door
A shapeless thought,
Comes to the fore
Words call my Soul,
Lost to the More
Lost somewhere, but,
I was only there
Eyes in the hollow,
Tears just to swallow
The thoughts identify,
Realize and follow
Words sate thirst,
Get to the Soul
Tears get the brush,
Palms make a rush,
To recollect that,
Moment of rebirth
I am still there, thus,
Becomes known again
Hands full of copious flow
Holding the so known, own
Face of my Soul in the glow
The thought full of rebirth
A conscious full of worth
A year or so to that flow
Two and half deaths in a row
Yes, words, they now flow
Thoughts, they now grow
And, I am here, again, never to bow
Nothing now remains unknown

But, something seems yet to be known

May 5, 2011

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Being in a state of indecision – when you realize it – it opens the door to map the uncharted territory that was not possible or was myopic when you felt secured with tracked decisions en-route the perceptive dimensions of life.

Being in a state of indecision makes you feel locked, chained, tethered, bound to an unknown fate!

And why allow the fate to decide you?

Why let yourself be captive to the visibly visible options only?

Why allow the questions to leave you perplexed and numb to the extent to leave a trail that blames as if you could not work the riddle?

Why allow the negatives to prevail to the extent that they make your strength your very weakness?

Why not to try the other way round?

Why not make ‘the state of being in indecision’ a mapping exercise to find even higher tracks to be climbed?

The chronicle is hinged on uncertain moments when you find yourself looking for answers to scale further. And taking the challenge head-on here places you in the zone where you can touch the known yet unknown, explore the unseen and mobilize the volatile elements to build a life that is synonymous with you; that is synonymous with the natural flow of life.

If life is about living, its text is to be read with all the embedded messages and all the ‘in-between the lines’ notions of the flow of ‘being you’.

Demand, deduce, decide, define, declare – play with the summative elements but remember – being the simple you, being the honest Self of you, being the upright Soul of the humane existence and being the persona of a decisive integrity – is not that difficult as you had perceived or you still perceive!

Indecision is just a state of mind that also has the key to unlock the ‘Holy Grail’ of your long forgotten passion.


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


We are gifted with a life. We need to decorate it with a living that such a magnanimous gift deserves.

We are bejewelled with the beads of the time, a time that always moves ahead, telling us and foretelling us to recognize the ‘move ahead’ factor.

We are entrusted with a space that we need to enliven by our very presence here.

We need to be aware enough to cruise across the dimensions of the time and space to organize the beads on the timescale to put on a congruous sphere of existence.

Nothing condescending! Nothing subsisting! Nothing excruciating!

Yes, life does come across such moments and many find them aplenty but we need to see about their nothingness.

The cardinal-most lesson of life is to move as the time moves, taking strides forward.

And we don’t need to look anywhere but within us to make sense of how to make sense of looking forward.

We need to orient and re-orient the inflow of energy from within us to within us and we need to develop and sustain a harmony that travels from within us to our Self that is the representative of our Soul here.

We need to develop our internal faculties to set them in harmony along with the time-scale of the unidirectional flow of time.

Our internal faculties need to coordinate with each-other if we have to have this harmony.

How do we keep us, how do we talk, what do we think, and how do we feel about us – every element needs to be in harmony with the other and needs to be mutually communicating and fostering.

And we need to have this internal harmony to believe in ‘us’, to communicate with our ‘Self’, to exist within our ‘Soul’, to matter in our sphere of living and to prevail in life.

The flow of life has to be unidirectional. We need to realize the difference between the memories and the happenings.

The past is about memories. The present is about happenings. And we don’t need to be worried about the future. Taking care of the past (through the memories) and the present (with the happenings) will take care of the future.

For a unidirectional flow of life, as the time proceeds and processes us methodically and in existential harmony of the Universe, we, too, need to establish the internal harmony within our persona, diligently and consistently.

Swami Vivekananda said, “We see, then, that this human being is composed first of this external covering, the body; second, the finer body, consisting of mind, intellect and egoism. Behind them is the real Self of man. We have seen that all the qualities and powers of the gross body are borrowed from the mind; and the mind, the finer body, borrows its powers and luminosity from the soul, standing behind.” 

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Questions that life invariably, incessantly throws


Questions that may bring an omen of woes

Questions that may then hasten the rows

Questions that sometimes may go overdose

Questions that sometimes embrace thorn of the rose

Questions that, at times, seem verbose

Questions that then lose repose, become grandiose

Questions that, at times, repulse to comatose

Questions that the lose the structured impose

Questions that no more look for their appose


Questions that may bring together

Questions that may send afar

Questions that may push to the altar

Questions that then bring inner to the war

Questions that then may invite the scar

Questions that then push the life on the antiar

Questions that split open the compose of vicar

Questions that then become the scimitar

Questions that then trade openly in the bazaar

Questions that then synthesize the spar


Questions that sometimes bring the thought

Questions that, at times, make them at odd

Questions that create nowhere of the myriad

Questions that remind the agony of the ciudad

Questions that may emanate from the rot

Questions that then reminds of a zealot

Questions that then may run to find the abbot

Questions that then may crash into their Godot

Questions that sometimes may go for upshot

Questions that then become a silent lot


Life has been the chronicling

Questions being their meandering

Answers have lost the numbering


Answers that know the art of expressing

Silence is the language goes on not expecting

Silence is the connect that goes on recruiting


There comes the moment inveterate

Questions and answers amalgamate

Words bleed on to aerate

No words remain the only recruit

Silence speaks, questions and answers mitigate

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Self-realization comes to us in different stages of life.

The life-events leading ‘us’ to realize about us and ‘about us in life’ are randomly stacked up. They may or may not lead us to generalize about what we come to realize (something that is open to be changed later) but there cannot be a random selection about such events because we never know if it is the moment unless it comes into happening or unless it is passé; because we never knew if we were to come across a particular moment at a particular time having some self-realization lessons.

There is no hierarchy of such moments. There cannot be one.

Life is sum-total of the moments lived and every moment has its own vitality of individualized proportions when you live with ‘you’ only’, when you communicate with ‘you’ only. The self-realization moments form an important measurement of such individualized moments.

And there is no defined pattern of ‘how and when’ of such moments. When we don’t know the next moment of life, how can we define the moment next-to-the-next? Yet, we plan. That is about being human. But the reality remains – life moves in random, unplanned ways, from this moment to the next one. And that applies to the ‘self-realization’ moments as well.

Such moments may come to us in odd moments. Such moments may come to us in routine moments. Such self-realization moments may come to us in ignored moments.

Such moments may knock at the conscious in our merrier moments.

Such moments may stare at us in the moments of crisis and in the pal of gloom.

Such moments may pinch us even if in a state of thoughtlessness.

Self-realization can call us at any hour. Yes, there are heightened individualized moments when we tend to cut off; when we move deep inward; when we feel betrayed, by us or by others; when we find us in some difficult situation and the way-out looks nowhere in sight, when the life gives us the clear pointers on our thought-process to ‘introspect and retrospect’ to make sense of ‘all that is happening’, to make sense of ‘us’ in all that is happening. It is up to us whether we listen to the call.

In our youth, we look at such self-realization moments differently, many times not even realizing about them.

As we grow up and start making sense of ‘who we are’ and ‘what life is’, our perspective to the ‘moments of self-realization’ takes a different approach. This is the most fruitful and so the most volatile phase of life when we experiment the most with our identity and so about our ‘realization of life’ and ‘us in that life’.

When we are more or less settled-down, we tend to be less experimental and there come moments when we conveniently choose to ignore the writing on the wall in order to sail along with the flow of life.

When we approach the final days, the days to say the final goodbye, the time to witness the final farewell, we do come across the self-realization moments that sum up the whole life telling us what we collected, what we did, what we had to do and what we could not do. We feel most positively about such moments in this phase of life because we look at them in the light of the acquired wisdom of the countless moments (defining and redefining our existences) sifted and assorted mercilessly by time.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


The physical manifestation of god for a worldly man filters to the three possibilities of the value-system – faith, feeling and inheritance.

Most of us inherit faith. We get it in the value-system of a family tradition. We start following god as we see others in the family doing it. We are told about god’s omnipresent and all-giving nature. We are told god is someone to be approached in every situation of life and is the final call in every sort of crisis.

As we grow-up and develop a conscience, this inherited knowledge and know-how starts shaping as ‘faith’ that we keep on building and following throughout the life. We symbolize that faith in the form of god. There is nothing wrong in this.

In happier moments, we thank god. In moments of crisis, we plead. Some of us even go to the extent to criticise god questioning his existence, but only to go back to god again.

In the process, we become increasingly more and more seeking from god, never realizing our true duty towards the creator of the life.

If he creates, we are his creation. If we exist, he exists within us. This is the only way we can feel god.

Yes, feeling god is the physical manifestation of god for most of us who come from the worldly life of moments of happiness and gloom.

But even then, most of us cannot claim that we have felt the god.

Feeling god within us is a higher spiritual enlightenment. And one need not go into the debate of right or wrong or righteous or unrighteous and follow some codes of living to get onto that path of spiritual enlightenment.

There is nothing highly philosophical or scriptural about it. All we need to do is to see the other form of existence as equal to us and the problem is taken care of. While writing this is simple, following this is tough in a materialist world.

Yes, we can feel god provided we do justice with this cardinal principle laid by the god himself.

And remember, your god can take any form given the value-tradition of your faith-system.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/




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Sometimes beginning the day with a whisper, sometimes with a cry 
Sometimes gaping in the void, at times beginning it with an innocent invite

The sudden trance that it takes me into away from the colossal clutches of the trite 
Dragging away, disconnected, liberating to the elementary momentary amnesia 
Cruising to the myopic state of bionic reflections jaded by the hyperemia 
The ephemeral circumvention of the moment drawn away from the empirical hysteria 
To the cerebral existence of the self-efficacious creation, to that fleeting vision 

There comes a time, 
When debates become primordial, when the need of solutions become unreal 

O! Childhood, 
Why don’t you stay forever transcending me to the realms of that fading Ideal

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/ 



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