Life, with its oddities, is certainly beautiful
It never lets me be on an undemanding rule
Giving me the joyride of the intense emotions
Trying pushing me into making submissions

It has seldom come to play positive
I have declined to do it the negative
It has seldom come out to cheer
I have seen that as a point so clear

It has been a brilliantly disguised display
I know shadowing it has to be my play
Not so long ago, it looked all ‘the only’
That elemental hollow, but was never empty

Life played hard, the challenges were tough
There lies the beauty of nothing being enough
Life tried all to influence me to its discourse
Making me go inside deeper for my lost course

I could have been swept away again,
But, for this familiar spell of cruel game
Once done, it was never to be the same
It is my life, the resurrection of my claim

I could win me from life on my own terms
Yet it is with me..yes, life is certainly beautiful

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –