Delhi mist, why it is so hazy
Why it cannot be simple,
Like the waves of your hair,
Oh, that auburn luxuriance,
That drove me crazy

Delhi air, why it is briny
Why it cannot be refreshing,
Just like the ‘thinking’ of you
Oh, that sweet melody,
That leaves me fascinated

Delhi’s darkness,
Why it looks so hollow,
Why it cannot be rich,
Like your quiet reflections,
So loving and peaceful

Oh, Delhi’s dozed off days
Why this all is so routine
Why it cannot be,
As tempting as your smile
My secret of keeping up with me

Oh, Delhi’s sleepy nights
Why they are such a dud
Why they cannot jive,
Like your silence,
So alive when talking to me

Oh, the maddening Delhi
Why it cannot be like you
With the joy of co-existing
In my life, in my thoughts
In my days, in my moments

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –

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