Tricky but interesting political premises:

Congress strategists are feeling they are effectively on the way to polarise the anti-Modi and anti-BJP Muslim votes in their favour and it manifests in party’s silence over Shakeel Ahmad’s tweet on Indian Mujahideen quoting an NIA report blaming BJP, RSS and 2002 Gujarat riots for the terror outfit origin. They would be aided by the premise that a communal Vs secular polarization would help them get over the huge anti-incumbency against the UPA government.

Narendra Modi would be feeling good that the Congress strategists are playing the game he has started exactly as per his designs as the main ruling party’s efforts to polarise the Muslim votes would help his efforts to polarise the Hindu votes in his favour. The polarisation of the divided Hindu votes along with the UPA’s anti-incumbency and Narendra Modi’s pro-development reputation would be a cocktail that several millions of voters would be tempted to try in a country where something like chronic political corruption is still not a decisive issue.

Some in the Congress are playing to look worried or some are worried believing in the hypothesis (hypothesis at the moment) that Modi’s image of Hindu fundamentalist and his vote-polarizing ability can unite the Hindu votes across the country to an extent to give the BJP a clear edge to form the government in the next parliamentary elections. And only Congress is not worried. If Digvijay Singh has to claim and cry that he is a practicing Hindu, Mulayam, too, has to come forward to say that he feels sorry for ordering the police to open fire on karsevaks in 1990.

Some in the BJP are also sounding cautious that the excess of Hindu nationalism and Hindutva would push burning issues like corruption, price-rise, failing law and order and bad condition of the economy, where the Congress and the UPA are on the back foot, to the periphery, giving the UPA strategists the opportunity to duck the answerability for the all-pervasive mayhem they have created.

It is an established fact that the Congress-led UPA government is a total failure. It has failed on almost every front that could easily kill the electoral prospects of any political outfit or coalition – price rise, corruption and law and order. Yet, it has scored victories in many assembly elections.

Such chaotic conditions provide for enough of ‘food for thought’ to every ‘thinking’ political strategy maker and every one feels he is thinking in the right direction until the outcome gives them some more food for thought.

Tricky! Isn’t it?

But, at the moment, the game looks headed the Narendra Modi way.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


  1. I am an American who lived in Ahmedabad for 3 months at the beginning of the year. We traveled for a month as well. Gujarat seems ever so much better with road, police than other places we went in incredible India! Also speaking to some young college educated Indians who had so much hope in Modi…I hope he wins and is the real deal!

    • Thanks Ann.

      Yes, this is going to be the ‘make or break’ event for Gujarat chief minister. Given the state of India and the affairs of the Indian politics on the go, he stands as the most popular leader and probably the tallest in terms of rising to such a prominence from a very humble background.

      Religious polarisation of votes is bad for any democracy but the most pressing problem for the ordinary Indian of the day is the political corruption where Modi stands clear and transparent.

      • Corruption and meaningful work are ver important. Mr Modi gives powerful, inspiring speeches , but not so effective interviews. Did you hear when asked if he felt bad about the Muslims killed, he said he was a Hindu who would feel bad about a puppy being run over. . . No no no. . . . Comparing Muslims to puppies. . Not a good choice! Oh , it will be interesting, won’t it?

      • It is indeed headed that way. There are other Modi’s gaffes like this puppy analogy but his opponents, by their stupidity, make the life easy for him.

        Modi might not have thought anything communal or sensitive when he spoke about it in the Reuters interview but his opponents made it an issue not realizing that it would ultimately help Modi to polarise more Hindu votes.

        The war of words is going to intensify with election approaching near.

      • Thank you Santosh, for the lovely honor. I have another award that I haven’t taken care of so yours will make me get down to business. It is lots of work to give and receive awards, but I especially like to encourage others by giving….It is more blessed to give than receive! Namaste. . . Anne

      • Namaste Anne,

        Saw your Inner Peace Award write-up. It is graceful and thanks for thinking for others. Yes, it is always a blissful feeling to be able to contribute, to give.

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