Increasing chances are if you are the old school, if you are of the breed who believes in building and following a relation out of your family honestly, going by the puritan ethos of commitment, you will be betrayed.

It is not specific to any particular relation or any set of particular relations.

Yes, but it hurts more in cases of friendships and its extensions and variations because it then involves innocent expectations and informal elements of relations that exist in a family.

Who is right, who was wrong, is always perceived and assimilated individually.

Be the individualist to the core, be true to your heart, in handling your sentiments whenever you feel betrayed by someone you thought was on the same page as you were and you felt for the person as you feel for your ‘self’.

You have no right over anyone but you. You can be manipulated, your emotions can be exploited, but never let them take you down to the level that you start misunderstanding your ‘self’.

It is cliché but true that honesty and commitment are misunderstood if followed in totality. But can they be followed selectively, opportunistically? That is nothing but debauchery.

Whatever that your acts are taken for, stick to your viewpoint, follow what you have been doing.

Never compromise the purity of your thought process because of someone else. It will be a double whammy. The other one has already betrayed you. Now you will be betraying your ‘self’, the raison d’être of your ‘being’.

Yes, it hurts but pain can be a very good friend, a blessing in disguise.

”Pain always makes the space for a good friend. Its resilience lets you go deeper within you, connecting you with YOU, giving you the language, to communicate, with your SELF.”

Remain honest. Keep believing in totality of commitments. That is a must for you to remain honest to your ‘self’.

Life has to be about you. It’s better to look inside than to run aimlessly when pain afflicts you. Handling it positively is the reminder that you are still in the league of independent souls, and have not become the mere pawns of fate, destiny or compromised existence.

Remain committed to your value-system. Learn from betrayals. Learn from the pain they cause. And come out to be the stronger, better and a more humane ‘YOU’.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/

One thought on “WHEN YOU FEEL BETRAYED..

  1. Crime Does Not Pay ?

    Here are some disturbing facts :

     In 2008 Delhi Assembly elections , number of “ tainted “ candidates were,

    • Congress …………….. 30 %

    • BJP ………………………. 35 %

    ( Insist on knowing current percentages before 4th December ! )

     Of the sitting MLAs in Delhi ,

    • With criminal antecedents ……………. 43 %

    • Number of Crorepatis …………………….. 69 %

     In 2004 National elections ,

    • Ave assets of contesting candidates …………….. Rs 1.37 Crores

    • Ave assets of victorious candidates ……………….. Rs 3.83 Crores

    • Ave assets of MPs / MLAs facing serious charges.. Rs 4.3 Crores

    ( Will somebody find / publish what are the ave assets of candidates of each party in forthcoming Delhi elections ? )

    Only 2 days back , sitting Congress MP from Haryana advised the youth ,

    “ No problem if you fail to become an engineer or a doctor . Just get into politics . You will manage to make hundreds of crores of rupees “

    Some time back , same MP had said that he knew a person who had set aside Rs 100 Crores to become a Rajya Sabha MP – but managed to become one with mere Rs 80 Crores !

    Obviously , he was talking from an “ Insider’s point of View “ !

    People of Delhi !

    If you wish to prove that “ Crime Does not Pay “ , then on 4th Dec , go out and elect , at least 40 candidates of Aam Aadmi Party

    Before 2014 National elections , make your message heard by 725 million voters of India

    • hemen parekh ( 09 Oct 2013 )

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