The campaign heat is going up. It is throwing interesting developments and the frequency is getting more frequent every passing day, as the assembly poll dates in the five states approach closer, as the scramble to score points for the upcoming parliamentary polls get more intensive.

If we talks of campaigning and communication management, it has been a Narendra Modi show overall.

The way political developments are shaping up, it is supposed to be a full-scale Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi blitzkrieg as the campaigning for the General Elections 2014 enters its decisive, final leg in 2014. The process is already on the launch-pad with the assembly polls in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Mizoram scheduled to be held in November-December.

Today, we saw first glimpse of it.

Today, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi both had rallies almost at the same time. Narendra Modi’s Hunkaar Rally in Patna, that saw serial bombs blasts in the city, formally unveiled his Bihar leg of campaigning while Rahul’s Delhi rally was more focused at the Delhi assembly election next month.

The comparison was inevitable but soon, it became clear, there was nothing much to compare.

Modi delivered 90 minutes of customized, localized, nationalized and well-improvised show full of punches, that the massive crowd in Patna, the airwaves people and the people hooked to the airwaves, found much more newsworthy and watchable while Rahul’s show was a poor repetition of what he says in almost every election rally, the dull revisionism of attributing all that is good in India to the Congress party.

Eyeballs, insights, analyses – Narendra Modi cornered all, effectively pushing the Rahul Gandhi show to the programming junk of ‘fillers’.

Congress, its strategists, the Team Rahul Gandhi and the heavyweights entrusted to manage public opinion though media need to be wary of it.

They need to think why Narendra Modi’s aggressive style makes him more interesting (and relevant) to listen to while Rahul Gandhi’s aggression mostly draws flak?

The answer is before everyone to see. Much has been written over it. The question is why the Congress party strategists and why Rahul Gandhi himself are not reading the signs?

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


  1. How exactly , Narendrabhai ?

    In your “ Hunkar “ rally at Patna yesterday , you said ,

    “ Poor hindus and poor musalmans should not fight each other . They should join hands to fight poverty……

    When Congress fought 2009 elections , it promised jobs . How many of you got those promised jobs ? “

    True , for over 55 years , successive Congress governments have been busy in “ Garibi Hatao “ – without success

    So what did they do ?

    Re-draw the Garibi-Rekha ( Poverty Line ) at Rs 27/day in urban areas , to give an impression that very few people in India , are “ really poor “

    Even then , this works out to 400 million people ! By their own twisted standard

    If I were to assume that BJP’s garibi rekha is , at a more respectable , Rs 100 per day , then this figure could well go over 700 million people !

    Exact figures are unimportant

    What is more important is ,

    “ How do you pull these poor , out of poverty ? “

    There are only 2 ways , viz:,

     Create jobs

     Enable poor to become self-employed

    Now , even though you don’t have a Ph D in Economics ( thank God ! ), you are a hard-headed Gujju businessman !

    On top of that , you started your own career as a “ Self employed tea vendor “ on railway stations and in trains

    So you know what it costs ( by way of capital investment + working capital ) to create just ONE job in the economy

    Depending upon , whether that job is in Public Sector / Large organized Private Sector / Medium sized industry / Roadside retail grocery shop or a Pan-Beedi dukaan of a self employed , the figure would range from Rs 10 Crores / job to Rs 10,000 for a Pan-Beedi shop !

    ( If in doubt , take Annual Report of any Tata / Adani / Ambani / Birla company and divide the Capital Employed by Manpower )

    Now pick your own favorite figure ( per job investment ) and multiply with your own ( convenient ? ) figure of 700 million poor people , desperately wanting to “ fighting poverty “

    In BJP’s poll manifesto , will you please mention , where you will find the money required to fulfill your promise ? I hope , you will not raise taxes !

    How exactly , Narendrabhai ?

    Hint :

    Read my Poll Manifesto Suggestions , sent to Shri Murli Manohar Joshi , 3 days back !

    • Hemen parekh ( 28 Oct 2013 )

  2. Tora…………..Tora………….Tora

    During World War – 2 , as they approached Pearl Harbour on American coast , pilots of Japanese bombers chanted ,

    Tora , Tora , Tora

    ( Attack , Attack , Attack )

    As they approach 2014 National elections , 725 million Indian voters are chanting ,


    For past few months , they have been watching the mud-slinging by their political leaders on TV , Newspapers , Internet , Rallys etc

    And they are wondering :

    Only time these leaders cared to talk to us is when they wanted our votes during the past 10 years !

    They are least bothered if,

    > We commit suicide ( with family ) because we are jobless
    ( JOBS )

    > Our children go to sleep hungry
    ( POVERTY )

    > We sleep on the footpath
    ( HOUSING )

    > Our dilapidated buildings are about to crash

    > Even employed amongst us have no money to buy vegetables

    > Our children are dying of dengue because we live on overflowing gutters

    > Our women must walk 5 miles to fetch water

    > Our children must walk 5 miles to go to a teacher-less school

    > For want of nearby hospital , our wives die during delivery

    > Without fans , we get scorched in summer heat

    > To and fro , work-place , we spend 4 hours on the road

    Do these persons whose names appear on Electronic Voting Machines ( EVM ) , care for our tortured / tormented lives ?

    Are these not the very persons who have made our lives , a living hell ?

    From their air-conditioned cars and their air-conditioned bedrooms , do they have any time to peep into our slums ?

    Their only concern is to get voted back to power and make tons of money !


    * hemen parekh ( 02 Nov 2013 )

  3. Whose Bapu ?

    There was a time
    When you were our Bapu,
    A Mahatma ;

    For a life-time long
    A tortured Atma ;

    To wash away the sins of your children
    You died a martyr’s death ;

    Now those very children
    Have opened-up a shop
    To sell ” Gandhi-ism ” ;

    They are even maintaining
    Two separate books of accounts,
    One for income from ” Unknown Sources “,
    Strictly as required by the law !

    Even out of curiosity
    Do not venture
    Anywhere near ;

    No one will recognize you
    Without your NSG / Z+ bodyguards !

    And children from city slums
    Will chase you , shouting ,
    ” Ben Kingsley , Ben Kingsley “,

    And when they ask you for your autograph ,
    Do not sign,
    ” Mo Ka Gandhi ” !

    Just pretend that you are Ben Kingsley,
    TV cameras , Reporters , Anchors
    Will follow in your footsteps ;

    Just forget that
    You were our Bapu !

    Free translation from my Gujarati poem , dated 30, Jan 1984

    * hemen parekh ( 13 Nov 2013 )

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