It’s a day to feel good and why not.

The whole country, in fact, the cricket fans spread across the countries were celebrating this day and Sachin Tendulkar was celebrating them.

It was a day of high mutual respect when emotions were on an innocent display for a public figure, something not seen in the recent Indian history.

Indeed it was a rare view, because Sachin Tendulkar could achieve the universal acclaim while sustaining as one of the last of the rare breed of the ‘larger-than-life-but-down-to-earth’ super-achievers.

Sachin Tendulkar is much more than a cricketing icon.

He is the last of the league of the ‘people-larger-than-life’ by their self-made ‘life events’ with a pan-India acceptance.

He is the last of the league of cricketers enjoying uncompromised popularity and unquestioned respect.

He is the last ‘gentlemanly’ icon of the cricketing world.

Sachin Tendulkar is the eternal gentleman of cricket, the gentleman’s game that ceased to be gentlemanly a long ago.

He is an Indian Icon from the cricketing world who could transcend the confines of the sporting world in this cricket-crazy country to become synonymous with Indianness, making, thus, an everlasting connect not just with his fans, but even with the people who didn’t love cricket.

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