If it happens so as the exit polls project – on December 8, 2013 – if Sheila Dikhsit, the three-term and the incumbent chief minister of Delhi loses her assembly constituency, New Delhi, to the debutant politician Arvind Kejriwal – it is going to be the biggest scoop of the 2013 assembly polls and it comes with the five-states polls held in this November-December.

If we go by the exit-poll projections last evening after Delhi, the last state election of the five-state assembly polls was held today, then we can assume so.

And if it happens so, it will be the biggest political news scoop on elections this year after the long corridor of political developments that preceded Narendra Modi’s official coronation as the BJP’s prime-ministerial candidate.

It will alter many equations. But what would be the most significant takeaways from this??

Though the country needed AAP (Aam Aadmit Party) to win the Delhi polls in order to send the message to the political class that the public was looking for change, something that ultimately could not happen as the party came out third, it did, still make for the case (if it happened so).

If Arvind Kejriwal succeeds in winning the New Delhi assembly constituency from Sheila Dikshit, it will still be symbolically potent enough to tell the political class that it is the time to change.

If a powerful chief minister who claims to bring development to the national capital of India, (and indeed she has done work here in the last 15 years), loses to an entrant politician, it should be a message bold enough to warn the existing league of political babudom.

Additionally, it will change many other things, getting visibly visible as soon as the trends become clear on December 8.

It will alter the locus, the focus, the course, the discourse – it will alter all – in spaces – in print – on airwaves – in minds – on December 8 – and will continue further on to remain a lingering point for quite sometime – as the big political fight is right here – the grand theatre of the political slugfest of the General Elections of India that are to be held April-May next year.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


There was something moving inside him. He told himself a cataclysmic change indeed it was bringing out the devil in flashes.

Blocks were drifting. The stillborn was already past its prime.

He felt he was vacated suddenly but couldn’t find the free space inside when he needed to be into.

The style, the substance, and its eerie similarity to the time when it was a dark run of circumstances, all were telling him a tale told and foretold, throughout his life, if he could say it so, if he could encapsulate the moments in the birth of that life of him, a life that was somehow a sordid tale of misunderstanding, manipulation, betrayal and stabbing.

He was left bruised, tormented, traumatized.

Times were shifting. Acting desperately, he tried to sift through the mess he was thrown into to make sense of what was happening, why it was happening.

His efforts, his commitment to the continuity, his sincerity to the cause, his innocence to the identities, his conscience for the individualities, every person of him was so brutally traded off, so mercilessly killed, as if he had no identity, as if he never had an existence.

And he lived for his identity only. And he lived for making a meaningful existence of him only.

And he was left bleeding, his soul manipulated, compromised and hurt.

The devil had the chance to take him over, to do with him all he had not been able to do. And his mischievousness came with

The darkness ran deep, going well into the past. The dreadful bonhomie of the evil spirit was singing in fusion with the voice of his detractor.

A cataclysmic change imposed on him, forced on his identity. He was staring at the odds of annihilation of his soul.

He was thus calling for the survivor in him desperately.

And then, he saw the light.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/