Okay, it might not be his last one-to-one interaction with media and thus to reach out to the public on clearing the air of negative publicity around him. But like always, there was nothing much to write about a Manmohan Singh’s address except a very harsh, tough line taken against Narendra Modi. Now that is not going to help. Modi has been taking much more than this thanks to the strange ways of the Indian electorate and thanks to the lack of political alternative at the national level.

Today, too, it seems Mr. Manmohan Singh missed the bus.

But there is this thing. Though, there was nothing much to write about, he did pull to sit, watch and react on him. I thought I would not but then I could not stop me from taking the plunge, expressing my views on Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s see how it went for almost 75 minutes of his presser.

3 hours ago
#Manmohan Singh speaking again. A rare ‘one-to-one’ after 2011. In all, this being the 7th such media interaction (except his ‘Indian Air Force 1’ compulsions) since 2004. 2 during UPA-1. 1 with Sonia Gandhi after winning 2009 polls. 1 in 2010. 2 in 2011. 10 years – 7 pressers. Impressive track record.
Though the baton is to be buttoned – keep it up Sir. (Facebbok)
#ManmohanSingh #PMPressMeet #UPA3

#ManmohanSingh speaking again. A rare ‘1-2-1’ after 2011. 10 years-7 pressers. Impressive track record. Keep it up Sir. #PMPressMeet #UPA3 (Twitter)

And bravo the PM of India. He has started trending. He has taken the pole position with Top-4 slots in Twitter India Top-10 trends. #UPA3 #PMPressMeet (Twitter)

3 hours ago
And bravo the prime minister of India. He has started trending on Twitter. He has taken the pole position with Top-4 slots in Twitter India Top-10 trends of the moment. (Facebook)
#UPA3 #PMPressMeet PM Manmohan Singh Prime Minister

PM press meet: now Rahul Gandhi is trending too. 1 of the Top-4 slots gone. #PMPressMeet #UPA3

3 hours ago
Though nothing interesting, be ready for the ‘interesting’ analyses on how repetitive #ManmohanSingh was this time – #NaMo is disaster – #UPA has taken India up – a Greek sounding array of statistics – policies that intend to co-opt – achievements that are on paper mostly – on Sonia-Rahul-Manmohan trio (triangular extremes) deliberations – the Foreign Policy skirmishes – the Pakistan angle, the China tangle – shirking the responsibility on the epic downfall, talking of them in passing sub-texts only – but being (forced) graceful enough to accept the recent poll humiliation – #AAP finds mention too – dreaming of #UPA3 in 2014 – taking refuge in History’s benevolence —-

Now after going through so much, don’t say why ‘all this’ again Mr. Manmohan Singh? Who told you to watch his presser after all? Don’t you make the similar complaints again n again yet you go for it?

‘But what to do this of this assignment then?’
#PMPressMeet #UPA3 (Facebook)

#PMPressMeet: body language-voice connect-signals-gestures-nothing much to read. Like always. #ManmohanSingh #UPA3 (Twitter)

2 hours ago
#PMPressMeet: #ManmohanSingh hangovers – #RaGa-#NaMo-#SoniaGandhi -coalition pangs – Media fang – economy mess and revival – next PM – #UPA1 vs #UPA2 – #UPA3 (Facebook)

2 hours ago
#PMPressMeet: The routine #ManmohanSingh – I’m, we’re all good. No #UPAalternative. #UPA3 is in. Enough time before polls. We delivered the best possible. Some minor faults may be. Though he always tries, but unusually harsh on #NaMo Narendra Modi. #RaGa #RahulGandhi is impeccably positioned to succeed him. The ‘raaga’ without melody continues. (Facebook)

2 hours ago
#PMPressMeet: So, after 10 years, the million-dollar question is – can#ManmohanSingh take his selfies to share with us?

So, that’s how it all summed up. But, yes the analytical wisdom will be flowing through. And in all this, there came this news that Mr. Manmohan Singh would be holding a press conference of this type every month till next Lok Sabha polls.

Now the Lok Sabha polls are slated to be held during April-May 2014. That gives us at least three more such pressures by Manmohan Singh.

Need to have a better control on my resolve next time!

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On name of my first blog – Beyond This Life –

Okay, there were questions, curious ones and the ridiculing ones, too. A blog, by its origin is a personal platform for personal expressions – individualized – thought, contextualized and expressed on ‘individualist’ ethos.

‘Beyond This Life’, my first blog where I started posting with my first post ‘Inhuman Humanity’ on July 1, 2009, had readers asking questions on why this name, people from among my contacts and from some of the readers visiting my blog.

There were observations like it sounded too ‘philosophical’ or ‘spiritual’ and those who knew me were quite convinced of this that it indeed was a blog of such expressions only.

I didn’t think who said what or who thought what. Yes, I did answer some, but they were just very few.

Such observations are still made. People still ask me why this name.

For me, it was my personal space to express my views on anything that pushed me to think that I needed to be expressive there.

Yes, it has my expressions aligned on philosophical and spiritual questions, but it also has a major share of social, political and observational themes.

Yes, it was certainly not about my personal life. It was for, to go beyond this life, my life. It was for me on life beyond my personal life. But naturally, it has had reflections ‘of the way I am’.

And, it has been this way – an idea, developed to this blogging platform, where I share my views on happenings in the world, around me, and ‘beyond around me’ – where I share a part of my creative urge – to write something meaningful – to click something meaningful – to create something meaningful.

From inside of me – from this life – to go – Beyond This Life!

Then there were questions and observations on my first blog’s domain name that contains ‘severally alone’. (


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