As if it was resurrecting,
The long forgotten past,
To a journey that was,
To be the only quest
The retrospective was,
Getting younger by the night
Touching emotions,
Deep inside,
Trying to bond again
Asking questions,
Questioning the questions
And answers making sense
It happened then
The proximity echoed,
So deep inside saying,
How it could be my past
When it had to be,
The only tomorrow
When it still makes,
For the cause of today
When it still makes,
For the quest,
My life of forgotten days,
Seeks to apologise for
But, as it happened then,
The night tries,
To seduce me again
As if,
Waking me from some dream
In its familiar,
Mischievous, flirtatious way
Trying to overwrite,
On my introspection,
Yet again,
To drive me to the days
To push me to forget, again,
My quest of the only life,
I ever aspired for
But the night doesn’t realise,
I have learnt,
To override its call

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/

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