Crimea would be. Crimea would not be.

What Crimea could become.

Whether the tiny Ukrainian region with predominantly Russian ethnicity (58% Russian, 24% Ukrainian) becomes a flashpoint for a regional war or a precursor to a full blown global war theatre or an event that would herald a new era of cold war that will have camps dividing the world again, it’s all in the rapidly developing story around Putin and Putinism, now beyond Russia.

A flashpoint needs factors to be placed at different cornerstone loci to become inflicting in its damaging effects. While the placement of the factors is a must, no one can predict about the time-frame of its eruption.

What Crimea would become has its answers in the immediate future with the Crimean Parliament’s decision to join the Russian Federation emboldening Putinim to sharpen its fangs. Putin (and therefore, Russia) is all set to annex Crimea and the response by the concerned big and small daddies of the world order has failed to act as an effective deterrent.

The meek response of the global community including its major powers and superpower to the crude and strong military overtures of Putin militarily cordoning off Crimea taking its effective control even before the symbolic overtures of the Crimean Parliament vote or the proposed referendum on joining Russia on March 16 tells us Crimea could very well become the next distressing signal of the global geopolitical stability.

Because Putin is a strongheaded dictator who exercises his ruthless and unquestioned control over one of the strongest military and nuclear forces in the world.

First Syria, and now Crimea – Putinim can be much more demanding if left unchecked.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/