Etawah‬: Home town of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav – mother of rape survivor badly beaten by rapist’s father (a Yadav) on May 26 – no action, no arrest so far – no reaction from Mulayam and Akhilesh so far..

‎Azamgarh‬: Constituency of Mulayam Singh Yadav – a teenaged girl gangraped on May 28 – just 1 arrest, 3 still absconding – no reaction yet from the MP..

‪Badaun‬: Constituency of Akhilesh’s cousin Dharmendra Yadav – 2 teenaged Dalit sisters gangraped, killed on May 27 and bodies hanged from tree – 5 accused and 2 policemen who let it happen even if the families of the girls approached them to save their daughter (all Yadavs, in fact the local police post in-charge is also a Yadav) – no reaction from Mulayam and Dharmendra so far, routine reaction from Akhilesh after the national and international outrage, only to throw another shocker – the policmen, clearly involved in the crime, were suspended only initially – their termination only came after the outrage..

The insensitivity reflects in comments political statements:

Mulayam on a manifesto promise – “when he proposed to scrap the new anti-rape law which provides for hanging for the horrific crime. – ‘Rape ke liye phansi par chadha diya jaayega? Ladke, ladke hain. Galti ho jati hai.’ (Will boys be hanged for rape? Boys are boys. They commit mistakes.)”

April 11, 2014, DNA

Badaun gangrape and murders

Why are the political parties like SP, BSP, RJD or similar outfits with bunch of criminal elements and operating with a feudal mindset voted in?

Countless idiots among us are primarily responsible for electing them and equipping them with power to slay us later.

The crime is Talibani and the attitude of administration in most cases forces us to desperately think of a swift Talibani way of justice.

But….Alas….The perils of democracy!!

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Steven Spielberg requested Orson Welles for an appointment.

Steven claimed to have solved the Rosebud riddle and wanted to share his finding (read discovery) personally with Welles.

Though unimpressed given the poor quality of understanding and research on Rosebud, Welles agreed to meet Steven given the latter’s commanding stature in world cinema and his proven mastery over the art of visual language, something that Welles was a sort of school of.

But….there was a catch.

Welles put a condition that Steven had to take the Stairway of Led Zeppelin only to reach Heaven.

Though never met or communicated, Steven had started getting some firsthand sense on what sort of a person Welles would have been during his trip to Earth that gave the world probably the best critically acclaimed movie ever made.

Though it was going to delay Steven’s trip to Heaven and so his much awaited brainteaser meeting with Welles, he took it positively.

Steven had always been a fighter, ever since he produced his first work with a handheld camera in his early teens.

His spirit to reveal the answer to one of the least understood n most frustrating riddles, weaved from the thread of the visual language of cinema, to its inventor only got more refined with the pre-condition, another riddle his way he needed to find the answer of that would lead to the path taking him to Welles.

And Steven was there, right on the job, working on to find if the Led Zeppelin folks had really bought the Stairway to Heaven (through her).

The quest is on….as Extant it was….

#OrsonWelles, #StevenSpielberg, #LedZeppelin, #StairwayToHeaven, #Rosebud

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The cult or Mr. V or the cult or Mr. Kane or the cult of Mr. Finch or the cult of Mr. McMurphy..

The cerebral Mask Vs the maniacal Mask Vs the calibrated Mask Vs the peculiar Mask..

Masks are good friends when they don’t let one bleed giving one the space to be his Self while screening him from the scavenging curiosity, the pervert ebullience and the duplicitous vivacity of others.

Guy Fawkes delivered Mr. V.

Mr. Kane had his own reasons.

Mr. Finch could preserve his integrity.

Mr. McMurphy was delivered to his freedom.

They could befriend the Masks and the Masks, in turn, befriended their individualities.

Guy Fawkes, V For Vendetta, Citizen Kane, To Kill A Mockingbird, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

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It’s raining,
Looking at, anticipating,
Thoughts speak up,
To run madly,
To soak deeply,
The air is wild,
The night is shy,
Music runs deep,
Pitch travelling high,
It’s raining, talking,
Taking the soul in,
Craving for the desire,
To break the rules,
To set new goals,
For the night,
Body is drenched,
The feeling is wet,
The tune is refreshing,
Its song untamed,
Yes, it’s raining,
Anticipating, and,

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Term of the in-office vice-chancellor of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is coming to its end in August 2014.

And given the past trend, especially during the last selection, its time again for dirty politics, lobbying and factional agendas for the position and like always, Delhi is going to be the theatre for the silly theatrics.

Being a central university, the way to the office of the VC of BHU has to be routed through Delhi with Human Resources Development ministry and the President’s secretariat being the central points to deal with the process of selection and appointment.

And the folks have already started, pushing for their interests, in this or that power corridor, from the ministry to the President’s office. Now that a minister is in place and the HRD ministry is going to be fully functional from today, the efforts by the expecting (and the existing) players are expected to scramble for the attention and the space to gain the outreach.

The process of the selection of a BHU VC these days has become so political and lobbying based that it is compromising the academic excellence of the University.

The VC who comes with a political patronage behaves like he is a king, above all – and behaves like an authoritarian entity – we have seen it in the University – anyone can have the experience. Just see the cavalcade of the VC passing, with vehicles and a huge security apparatus – and you can find it yourself. Seeing the face of the BHU VC in public is a rare ‘spectacle’. Don’t even think of meeting him easily, like a teacher should be accessible to the students?

And the major casualty in all this has been the University, our alma mater that has seen a consistent downfall post-2000 in its academic excellence, further affecting the placement scenario and the quality of placement.

And the reason is certainly the big power that comes with big money.

With a huge budget and almost everything in VC’s hands to manipulate, the BHU VC position has become totally political.

It’s a sad story, true for every other university, but exacerbated in BHU’s case with the big flow of money to manage the affairs of this huge institutional set-up.

BHU’s annual budget is over Rs. 300 crore and last year, the Union Budget gave the University additional 100 crore. Then there are expansion projects involving big money like the huge trauma centre of the Sir Sunderlal Hospital or the so-called South Campus of the University, 80 Kms away, in the Mirzapur district, from the main campus in Varanasi.

Though not much proved yet, there have been multiple allegations of corruption. And with such big money, we cannot dismiss all the allegations.

The only saving grace in the University System has been the people in some cases who remain grounded and understand they are teachers first.

But they are very few now and certainly the people manning the BHU’s top position in the recent history have failed the vision of the Mahamana completely.

Let’s see what is in store this year.

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A friend needs you the most when, somehow, he is not able to share his problem with you, whatever his reason(s) are.

And the reasons don’t exist when the problems start killing the words.

When a person is not able to express something painful he is going through, his agony and suffering cannot be understood by others including his family members and his best friends.

Also, it happens frequently that the conditions and the relations in the family don’t permit a person to even look in some problem while being with the family. Reasons vary and all we know and have been through them.

A friend is the natural outlet in such situations.

Even if the person cannot speak about his situation, he comes to stay with, to let some of the agonizing moments pass, in company of his friend(s).

Yes, not all friendships qualify this benchmark.

His silence should speak to you then. Do you read your best friend’s silence?

But if you claim to be a friend, you must understand the state of mind of your friend.

Knowing the reason should never be a point here. Knowing or trying to know how you can reach out to him in his lost state of mind, sharing and lessening his pain, should be your natural act.

He needs you there. He expects you to understand something he cannot explain.

Have you been a friend in need?

Have you been a friend who is there, not requiring any superlative?

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Nawaz Sharif is finally coming to India. Being seen a masterstroke by Narendra Modi, the move is being discussed as a diplomatic coup for Pakistan.

There were obvious voices in India when the Indian Foreign Office sent invitation to the SAARC country heads, the regional block of eight South Asian nations.

But the voices of opposition were not criticising the decision the way political criticism on a serious (hostile) issue is delivered, except the invitation to Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka, one of the two major talking points on the SAARC invitation exercise (apart from the routine stuff, like initiating the process to place the South Asian house in order).

On Sri Lanka, where Tamils are protesting the brutalities against the Sri Lankan Tamils and Jayalalitha, the TN CM, is boycotting the swearing-in, the reactions on Pakistan invitation were routine in India. Everyone knew it is a win-win situation for Mr. Modi irrespective of the ‘turnout’.

Now that Sharif is coming, Modi will be credited with taking a bold step to initiate the process of setting relations with Pakistan on a normalization course. If Sharif could not have made it, Modi was going to have an upper edge in putting Pakistan on the backfoot on international platforms (and Modi’s oratory is capable of achieving the objective).

Yes, but the way it created an issue out of nowhere in Pakistan, has made for the headlines, in Pakistan, in India and elsewhere keeping tab on India-Pakistan issue.

The whole Pakistan sounded to be gripped by the ‘stickiness’ of the issue as if nothing else was to be discussed. In spite of Nawaz Sahrif sounding positive to it, it took him some time before he could say the final ‘yes’, only after he could get the go-ahead from the universally powerful (in Pakistan obviously) Pakistan Army and its chief. Both beings ‘Sharifs’ didn’t help Mr. Nawaz Sharif.

The way Sharif’s trip to India to join Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony was opposed by the powerful personalities and institutions in Pakistan and the fact that in spite of all that, Mr. Sharif is coming to India, tell us Pakistan’s political establishment was forced to take this decision by the Modi’s deft move, silencing his critics in India and Indian fundamentalists expecting a hardline against Pakistan and opening a channel with Pakistan, a Muslim republic having history of being the sworn enemy of India.

The consequences could have been seriously paying for the Pakistani political establishment that survives on a leased life from the Pakistani Army. The pressure from the international community including from the US is a major contributor in sustaining the lease period.

Now, not responding to this invitation that can come out to be an ice-breaker in bringing India-Pak talks back on track (symbolically, perceivably), would certainly put Mr. Sharif in an awkward position in the international community.

And an edge to Mr. Modi over Mr. Sharif in the international community would certainly weaken position of Mr. Sharif in Pakistan where the built-up fanaticism against India has been main course of the political diatribe for decades.

Now that Mr. Sharif is coming to India, he has a chance to sound and act parallel to Mr. Modi with a bilateral meeting between the two leaders scheduled for May 27 and Mr. Sharif would be counting his cards to make his move(s).

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Can you please, ever, if?
Be the one, you used to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Be the one, you had to be,
I don’t believe in,
What it came to be,
Still believe in,
What it was to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Think of,
How bad you made it to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Think of,
How careless you have been,
The change is so misleading,
That, you don’t sense it,
Even if you are realizing,
You should know,
It never happens twice,
Didn’t you say no?
To not doing so it again,
Can you please, ever, if?
Care to listen to the person,
You have to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Be the one, you had to be,
Can you please, ever, if?

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Days do change – Narendra Modi is its most relevant example today.

The US played silly politics over granting him the US visa for over a decade, but now is eager to see him in Washington. Multiple invitations have already been extended including from Mr. Barack Obama.

And Modi’s routine and somewhat cold response is apt.

Branded communal by many Hindus and almost Muslims, Muslim umbrella organizations are sounding pragmatic about Modi now.

Days do change – and for good.

Be patient – be on the job – and remain on the job.

And always keep in mind while opinionating about others that ‘days do change’.

Always keep in mind before betraying someone that ‘tables do turn’.

Always keep in mind while manipulating and stereotyping someone that ‘time passes quickly’.

Days do change – and sometimes, very fast – the Narendra Modi surge reaffirms this.

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When I see the pitiable condition of Ganga I feel pained but I feel it is Maa Ganga who has decided I have to do something for Her.

Need of the hour is to restore the glory of the Ganga. Today Maa Ganga is calling us, her children to make the river clean once again.

When Narendra Modi visited Varanasi on May 17 to thank the city for electing him with a huge margin, he began on a note indicative of the realization that he was well aware of the city’s expectations from him, these tweets tell us.

Varanasi and Ganga need immediate intervention at the highest level to justify the legacy of heritage they have.

The city is crumbling under the pressure of administrative and political apathy that has pushed the city’s infrastructure to the ignominy of being a Ganga city where the water of the Holy River is not fit for the Holy Dip.

And the problem has been compounded by the irresponsible attitude of its inhabitants.

Modi rightly reminded the city that it needed to change its course to get the city cleaned. His ‘paan and spit and stains’ anecdote is a universal problem of Varanasi that sums up how its inhabitants have contributed in giving the city a bad name.

On May 17, after offering prayers to Lord Shiva in the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Modi headed for the Dasaswamedh Ghat to deliver his victory speech and he began on a right note.

While reminding the city of its responsibility, Modi, in an emphatic tone, assured the city that he would see to it that the Ganga and the city, ignored for decades, get the due, get the development, and prosper to justify the legacy of being the spiritual, cultural and religious seat of India and of humanity.

And Modi can be trusted, for his track record, for bringing development to Varanasi, something the city desperately needs, something for which the city has voted him in.

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