— Narendra Modi was the only declared prime-ministerial nominee in the fray.

— Narendra Modi swept the country with an effective campaign using traditional media, social media and high-end technology tools like the 3D holographic projection.

— Aided by the inefficiency of the INC campaign, Modi customized his speeches according to the place, mood and recent political developments and it connected well with the audiences.

— The massive anti-incumbency against the Congress-led UPA government wiping the good name and good works of Manmohan Singh earned during his first term as the prime minister from 2004 to 2009.

— Narendra Modi has had a successful development track record behind him to claim when he joins the prime minister’s office to govern the nation. In spite of all the criticisms by his opponents, his Gujarat model has indeed been a successful model and it has find good enough number of takers in the country.

— If Hindus across the caste lines identify with any single leader today, it is Narendra Modi. Whatever is the reaction now, but his Hindu hardliner image and allegations of being communal with a proven development track record ensuring development of all sections of the society have made him acceptable to every section of the Hindu community.

— Majority of the young Indians, including the 150 million first time voters, out of the total electorate of around 800 million, aspiring for a better life, and having heard the tales of the Gujarat model, voted for him.

— The majority of the ever growing count of the Indian middle class, over 150 million by the estimates, preferred to vote against the policies of the UPA government that are seen as hostile to the middle class interests.

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