Days do change – Narendra Modi is its most relevant example today.

The US played silly politics over granting him the US visa for over a decade, but now is eager to see him in Washington. Multiple invitations have already been extended including from Mr. Barack Obama.

And Modi’s routine and somewhat cold response is apt.

Branded communal by many Hindus and almost Muslims, Muslim umbrella organizations are sounding pragmatic about Modi now.

Days do change – and for good.

Be patient – be on the job – and remain on the job.

And always keep in mind while opinionating about others that ‘days do change’.

Always keep in mind before betraying someone that ‘tables do turn’.

Always keep in mind while manipulating and stereotyping someone that ‘time passes quickly’.

Days do change – and sometimes, very fast – the Narendra Modi surge reaffirms this.

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When I see the pitiable condition of Ganga I feel pained but I feel it is Maa Ganga who has decided I have to do something for Her.

Need of the hour is to restore the glory of the Ganga. Today Maa Ganga is calling us, her children to make the river clean once again.

When Narendra Modi visited Varanasi on May 17 to thank the city for electing him with a huge margin, he began on a note indicative of the realization that he was well aware of the city’s expectations from him, these tweets tell us.

Varanasi and Ganga need immediate intervention at the highest level to justify the legacy of heritage they have.

The city is crumbling under the pressure of administrative and political apathy that has pushed the city’s infrastructure to the ignominy of being a Ganga city where the water of the Holy River is not fit for the Holy Dip.

And the problem has been compounded by the irresponsible attitude of its inhabitants.

Modi rightly reminded the city that it needed to change its course to get the city cleaned. His ‘paan and spit and stains’ anecdote is a universal problem of Varanasi that sums up how its inhabitants have contributed in giving the city a bad name.

On May 17, after offering prayers to Lord Shiva in the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Modi headed for the Dasaswamedh Ghat to deliver his victory speech and he began on a right note.

While reminding the city of its responsibility, Modi, in an emphatic tone, assured the city that he would see to it that the Ganga and the city, ignored for decades, get the due, get the development, and prosper to justify the legacy of being the spiritual, cultural and religious seat of India and of humanity.

And Modi can be trusted, for his track record, for bringing development to Varanasi, something the city desperately needs, something for which the city has voted him in.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –