Days do change – Narendra Modi is its most relevant example today.

The US played silly politics over granting him the US visa for over a decade, but now is eager to see him in Washington. Multiple invitations have already been extended including from Mr. Barack Obama.

And Modi’s routine and somewhat cold response is apt.

Branded communal by many Hindus and almost Muslims, Muslim umbrella organizations are sounding pragmatic about Modi now.

Days do change – and for good.

Be patient – be on the job – and remain on the job.

And always keep in mind while opinionating about others that ‘days do change’.

Always keep in mind before betraying someone that ‘tables do turn’.

Always keep in mind while manipulating and stereotyping someone that ‘time passes quickly’.

Days do change – and sometimes, very fast – the Narendra Modi surge reaffirms this.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –

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