Hong Kong is bracing for its largest protest in more than a decade after nearly 800,000 voted for full democracy in an unofficial referendum, a move likely to stoke anti-China sentiment in the former British colony. – Al Jazeera

The vigil night on June 4, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Protests and the Tiananmen Massacre, yet again reaffirmed the hope that in spite of China’s efforts to suppress the voices of protests demanding political reforms and more space to democracy, they refuse to die.

And just within a month of landmark protests of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre (drawing around 2 Lakh protesters, largest since 1989 in Hong Kong), another landmark day comes, when the autonomous island of Hong Kong is scheduled to have its annual handover day march, tomorrow, on July 1, that is to begin from the iconic Victoria Park, the epicenter of the huge June 4 protests.

Reports like this Al Jazeera one say more than half-a-million are expected to march tomorrow to protest the increasing Chinese interference in the ‘autonomous’ character of Hong Kong.

China’s autocratic regime cannot act ruthlessly in Hong King, the former British colony that was handed over to China in 1997 with clear terms and conditions on its autonomy (one country, two systems), as it does in the mainland, crushing every voice of dissent.

But, the Communist Party machinery to manipulate the opinion and sabotage the ‘democratic’ character of Hong Kong is getting more and more involved and subversive for the Hong Kong residents to take it anymore.

Residents of the city island are protesting the Chinese mainland shadow on their civil liberties and are demanding the ‘full electoral’ freedom and a free election in 2017 while the mainland government is doing all to make it go it the mainland way.

Almost 10% of the Hong Kong residents have signed the ‘unofficial’ (but can anything, even remotely related to democracy, be official in China?) referendum (for full democracy) and the world is looking forward to watch some spectacular protest visuals again, after the June 4 pro-Tiananmen move, in one of the most oppressive regimes.

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It was much, much better match today between Netherlands and Mexico.

Mexico had almost won the game till the 88 minutes – but this is what the thrilling uncertainty of the Beautiful Game – in six minutes, the Dutch were all around – scoring 2 goals to take home the victory 2-1.

And yes, the equalizer came in style, with plenty of substance when Sneijder hit a superb kick that looked made for the Mexican goalpost only, two minutes before the regular time of the match was to end – in the 88th minute.

And Marquez’s mistake gave the Oranje the opportunity that they were destined to encash – the winning hit – and Jan Huntelaar scored the winner by converting the penalty sending it past the goalkeeper – yes, the penalty is raising questions – but it is done now – but is a good food for thought that it could have given us more heart-stopping moments given the pace and the style the match had come to gain by then – post 88 minutes.

Yes, it seems it was not a day for Ochoa today, the hero goalkeeper of Mexico, who had conceded just one goal so far – the last six minutes changed that – when the Dutch had their goals giving them the winning edge.

Yes, it was an unbelievable comeback that melted the cooling breaks taken for the first time in the World Cup.

It was Yellow the day before yesterday – it was Orange yesterday (India time) – two different games – the different delivery of the outcomes – with a superior overall game on display today than yesterday.

Brilliant team performances – brilliant individual feats – brilliant cohesive maneuvers – thanks folks..

The much talked about Mexican defense held till 88 minutes – but, then, a thrilling World Cup match is all about such unexpected and stunning endeavors.

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