If Rahul Gandhi has to stage a comeback he needs to transform his political persona and style of politics.

If he has to stage a comeback, he needs to begin with his political persona first as the recently held parliamentary polls were a decisive mandate against him in Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi fight.

He needs to change how he looks and sounds politically. He needs to work on the primary level of his communication interface first, being direct and responsive.

The way he looks: Rahul Gandhi should start wearing more of jeans, T-shirts and other casual stuff that most of the people put on in day-to-day life – seriously. Attire does affect our long term thinking and as we are fed up of the ‘Khadi stuff’ and the politicization of its appeal, Rahul’s that look will appeal more.

Politicians have become synonymous with many, many negative things and the ‘Neta style Khadi attire’ has become synonymous with this lot of politicians. Rahul has failed to connect with the masses including the Young India and a change of attire and a ‘daily/regular approach agenda’ would be a refreshing start.

Visibility: The next important thing that he needs to do is to have a constant visibility in Indian media, in social media and in public. It may or may not involve talking and doing politics always. He needs to look socially visible when he begins again.

Being a dynast helped him initiate and reach the top of the Congress party with Rahul becoming its de facto head and the de facto prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls but, the after the humiliating defeat he and his party had, he needs to earn his position now. He needs to cut short on his regular foreign holidays. Reports say he is still on a holiday out of India.

Some good reading: The third thing he needs is to read and read deeply – what India has been – what India is – and what India is to become and what India can become.

He needs this to compensate for his weak oratory when compared with Narendra Modi (believing in the outlook that he is going to represent the Congress party’s fight in the 2019 LS polls fight). Yes, Modi had many gaffes in his speeches during the campaigning, but he efficiently shadowed such shortcomings with his effective oratory and contextualized speeches. Rahul’s oratory was not at all effective and his speeches lacked context customization and substance.

This is first set of possibilities Rahul Gandhi may look at to explore if he is eyeing comeback to rule the national stage of Indian politics in future.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/

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