HD Kumaraswamy is the most honest of the lot – it is proved thus – he accepted the merit of what everyone else was hesitant about.

He has dared to venture beyond – where no other politician, big and small – had ventured so far.

And he has accepted it in a grand style – going all across – addressing whosoever seeks to approach him.

And he firmed his position on it every time a hostile question was thrown at him – his iteration was perfect every time – his tone sharpening every time.

We have been listening to about cash-for-seat, cash-for-vote and horse-trading medleys in Indian politics for a long time.

But no one accepts it unless it is otherwise, unless someone is caught on the wrong side of the law, and is forced to accept it.

The logical way out of this is to place this practice on the right side of the law.

Tickets of political parties on sale during elections, especially in elections involving indirect voting process like the Rajya Sabha or the state legislative councils polls, prices being propositional to the weight and the prospects of the political party, has been a seasoned open secret.

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