No one had expected it – not even me, sitting half way across the world, in India, when the game began – when it was 1:30 AM, July 9, India time – when Luiz Felipe Scolari’s boys began to take over the Germans – a team with as good prospects as Brazil had – but that was before 1:30 AM – and that was it – by 1:50 AM, it was written all over – the Team Brazil was effectively and mercilessly slain – its journey to this FIFA World Cup edition was over – it was slashed, it was chopped – and its pieces were thrown to add to the humiliation that kept on exacerbating the misery as the match progressed.

Brazilians are sad. They are hurt. And they are losing their cool. And nothing illogical about it!

Brazilians are sobbing. Brazilians are weeping. Brazilians are crying. They are resorting to violence to express their anger. Someone tweeted a Brazilian newspaper’s front page (Estado de Minas) that was almost blank, as if protesting this shocking defeat – a loss that was not even a World Cup loss going by the benchmarks of the World Cup and of Brazil. They are shocked. They can’t believe it.

And it is not just in Brazil! Brazil is the most loved Football team across the globe and Football, the Beautiful Game, is the most loved and most sporting game across the boundaries.

And the people, the fans of the Team Brazil, the Football lovers, the Soccer fans, are hurt, even over 9000 miles away from Brazil. Some reports say a girl in Nepal committed suicide as she could not accept the defeat.

I come from a Cricket crazy country. Though I am no more a Cricket fan, I do not love Football either. Yes, but I am a World Cup enthusiast, a responsive and sincere one. I am sad if not angry. I am not sad that Brazil lost and Germany won. It’s good that the better, in fact the much better side (with no possible comparison with the Brazilian side of the first semi-final of the World Cup 2014) won.

I am sad because Brazil lost it this way. A 7-1 loss is unprecedented in the World Cup history for a team that has won the Crown the maximum times, 5 out of 19.

I am sad because Brazil never looked and played like a World Cup team in the match. They were never in the game and it was with a clinical precision. It was like they were playing to concede goals.

It is unacceptable that a five-time champion performs so miserably because it was playing without two of its key players. If that be the case, then Brazilians footballers have betrayed the Football fans and the fans of the Brazilian Football team.

I am sad not because Brazil lost. I am sad because Football lost in the first semi-final of the World Cup.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –

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