The day is broken,
Unspoken, out of the blue,
And is still crashing on deep,
And it is numb,
Indifferent to the cries..

The day is broken,
Freezing the thoughts,
Pushing them to no return,
And hit by its vertigo,
Has grown dumb to every call..

The day is broken,
Its every bit betraying,
The selfishness rips apart,
To a humiliating despair,
As if it has no tomorrow..

The day is broken,
Imminent is a lesser word,
For the coerced fall,
That it looks set to for,
Overlooking, overstepping..

The day is broken,
Heart is the victim again,
And it is scary,
Its spirit is a fallen shadow,
So unusual, so unknown..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –

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