En-route, the nondescript, discoloured and stained wall caught attention. Now, Mr. Kejriwal on Delhi walls was no more an eye-catcher, yet this one made me stop by it, read it, and click it on my cellphone camera.

It was 49 Vs 49.

Now, 49 is a number of mixed emotions for Mr. Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party.

While they believe and intends us to believe in the sanctity of it being a momentous figure and a telling example of the politics of principles of AAP that pushed him to resign from the Delhi Chief Minister’s office just after 49 days of forming the government (with Congress support) on the pretext of ‘being not allowed to pass the Lokpal Bill of his government’. He blamed the BJP and the Congress party of betraying the people of Delhi.

But, electorally, it proved counterproductive, and humbled him (or forced him) to accept it was a wrong move. He even apologized (or had to) for it.

Though AAP had increased vote share in Delhi, it could not win any Lok Sabha seat here and across the country, almost of its candidates lost their deposits. It was an epic fall after the unprecedented high of December 2013 when AAP had registered a stunning debut in Indian politics.

And, the apology was more to appease the electorate of Delhi in the aftermath of the Lok Sabha polls rout and in the context of the possible Delhi Assembly elections ahead than being an honest and sensible introspection.

This poster and the Kejriwal style of politics so far, on reforming his party and on refocusing on Delhi, tell us nothing has changed.

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