“I will write my own book and then everyone will know the truth. I am serious about this and I will be writing.”

That will be a book to read, a must read.

And going by the intent that it intends to be a befitting reply, it will come soon, when Sonia Gandhi will still be one of the most powerful political personalities in the country.

And such a book by Sonia Gandhi will make for round the clock headlines, for weeks.

This one, turns out, will be relatively, intellectual, going by the level of Indian politics that has apparently no standard left to follow.

The grudge of one person will be answered by the resultant grudge of the other person, one of the subjects of the grudge of the person, in an intellectually resounding (wish so) way.

Sonia Gandhi, yesterday, within 24 hours of Natwar Singh going air-borne with interviews on his upcoming memoir, said she would write a book answering what all was being said and what all was being ‘revealed’.

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