October 1: International Day of Older Persons

They are supposed to have greener days after raising a family and giving their family members a life of their own.

Different societies and cultures have different sets of values, societies dominated by joint families, societies dominated by nuclear family, societies in transition with breaking families and societies becoming more and more individualized must have one thing in common, the responsibility to give comfortable days to our senior citizens, our elders.

That is an idealist statement. It is like what it should be.

But it is not like it.

Here in India, in our societies, with eroding (or changing) value systems, the insecurity to the lives of our elders is becoming a an epidemic that we have not been able to assess so far, or we are conveniently pushing it to not be heard, because those who have to asses it are too busy in assessing and working on their own lives.

Mother Teresa had spoken way back in 1979 during her Peace Nobel lecture about this poverty that was besetting out society.

A poverty that makes every other possession immaterial, emptying people of the will to live further, but not to die either, to pass the days, and not living them, to look for the vain hope that someday the burden of poverty will reduce and will subsequently ease, that someday someone will come and say, see, I have come here to repent, to give you what is rightfully yours, to take the pledge that I will try honestly to compensate for what I have done, what I have taken away from you, because what I have done can never be undone, and they will embrace the offer, with an unsurpassed joy, as if nothing had never happened.

That is our elders. That has been their lives all across, in all our societies that make for the pluralistic Indian society, always giving, expecting nothing, but an emotional shelter in the prime of their lives. They give us all, even their lives, for the lovable words they believe are there to care of them, are there to be attentive to them.

And what we are doing, the products of hyper-competitive societies pushed to the edges of extreme selfishness, where we don’t see or refuse to see beyond our individual lives.

We are creating a value -set – we are becoming the parts of a system – that is fast eroding and humiliating what has been the base of our lives, for ages, since the known history of the Indian civilization.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Broom, broom, O dear broom!
After Kejriwal, you get into Modi’s room!
And it’s all so rapidly done, all set to vroom!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intentions are beyond doubt but what about his ministers and the bureaucratic Janata (public) overall?

The folks are wielding brooms before cameras, posing for portfolio style snapshots and uploading them on social media platforms while cleaning the ‘cleanliness’, where finding dirt/garbage/litter will be a time-taking task.

Ravishankar Prasad, Smriti Irani, Ashok Gajapathi Raju and Dr. Jeetendra Singh (all others following and to follow as well), they all could not find a ‘definitive’ littered spot, a filthy stretch while posing with their brooms – now, even prime minister Modi would not believe it, that in Delhi, in India, his dear ministers could not find a place with some real garbage that needed some real cleaning.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – a good intent, a good mission, but such acts not only defy the purpose, they also look cacophonous, sounding like a clear sham.

There are reports saying Modi will walk 4 Kms while launching the Campaign tomorrow, and it will force many of his ministers and bureaucrats to walk.

And going by Modi’s record, it can have substantive act on the ground, in real terms.

What would these folks do then?


Spot dirt! Spot Garbage! Where is the litter? (..in these photographs..)

(Photographs sourced from the Internet)

Cleaning 1

Cleaning 2

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


What made The Economist’s (TE) P.F., or Patric Foulis, the ‘supposed author of the TE blog ‘I give you Narendra Modi’* foul so Miserably?

Who made make understand that by doing so he has exposed himself only?

This racist article dents his and TE’s journalistic credentials only.

The article, written in poor taste, and with dominant elements of bias, reflects nothing but a personal grudge.

Did Narendra Modi deny his requests for interview when he was in India on his professional assignment?

Tweets from his Twitter handle @PatrickFoulis during Modi’s Madison Square Garden event only corroborate it.

Here are the gems that reflect on the skewed wisdom.

An authentically Indian mass scrum follows Modi ‘ exit from Madison Sq Gardens.
Patrick Foulis @PatrickFoulis • Sep 28

@PatrickFoulis • Sep 28
Long live mother India! Balloons tumble from Madison Square Gardens rafters. Modi, the master manipulator & orator, has left the building.

@PatrickFoulis • Sep 28
Huge roar as Modi mocks Indian politicians obsession with legislation over action. Promises a bonfire of old laws. “I will destroy them all”

@PatrickFoulis • Sep 28
When Modi talks of the unbanked poor he loses the interest of his rich and assimilated American Indian audience

@PatrickFoulis • Sep 28
Two years ago Modi oratory bombastic, acid tongued and deafening to hear live. Now grandfatherly, softer and upbeat. Still masterful.

@PatrickFoulis • Sep 28
Amid the propaganda Modi reminds the audience of India’s shame: “the poorest of the poor are asking how much longer can we live like this?”

@PatrickFoulis • Sep 28
The demagogue reborn as global statesman

@PatrickFoulis • Sep 28
While waiting for the world historical speech by Narendra Modi the mainly Indian crowd demolishes the buffet

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