The rainbow in tears,
With colours of peace,
In a pair of wet eyes,
Reflecting on so far,
Speaking up the mind,
In harmony with soul
The learning,
With odds of life to meet,
The poise of living the pain,
Through the selfish corners,
Breathing the indifference,
Earning the salvage,
To be on the journey,
Lost in chaos of duplicity
Tears of joy tell the eyes,
Now is the time,
Have no more cries..

Contemplation & The Reflex

“The rainbow in tears with colours of peace in a pair of wet eyes
Reflecting on so far, speaking up the mind in harmony with soul
The learning with odds of life to meet the poise of living the pain
Surviving through the selfish corners, breathing the indifference
Earning the salvage to be on the journey lost in chaos of duplicity
The tears of joy tell the eyes, now is the time, have no more cries”


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –