Though it was a tough day, with important news developments like the court decision on discharge plea of Amit Shah, BJP’s national president, Narendra Modi’s Number 2, second most powerful figure of the political establishment running India now, from charges in Sohrabuddin and Tulsi Prajapati fake encounters; the ongoing India-Australia test match; and the ongoing developments in missing AirAsia flight incident, that was bound to take the airwaves time away, the team behind PK, the movie, expressed its gratitude to the round of much needed publicity that accrued to it in past few days.

Their spirit of recognizing self-motivated and selfless efforts remained undaunted, when, in the end, even the reduced coverage that was expected, didn’t come after the shocking news of unexpected resignation’ of Mahendra Singh Dhoni from test cricket swept the agenda of the day.

The Team PK sent praising notes of their heartfelt thanks to the top leadership and members of outfits like Hindu Yuva Vahini, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Mahasabha and many others who have been working relentlessly making outreach of PK even wider, when the movie was fading in appeal. Also, the team has sent specially packaged messages to express its feelings to Ramdev and Subramanian Swamy, the two stalwarts of the pack.

After all, because of their efforts, the movie is again in news, is registering more footfalls and is headed for more views.

Though PK, the movie, was an ‘inspired’ production with less of original elements, including the idea, the narrative was developed well around a subject of mass-importance and thus mass-appeal – religion and its quirky and ostentatious elements – and the Team PK hoped to cash on Aamir Khan’s star-power, Rajkumar Hirani’s track-record and a well-crafted marketing strategy to enter the big league, the super-blockbuster league of Indian Cinema, with earning ranging in hundreds of crores.

It worked well, initially, with the star-power, the narrative and the hype keeping the cash stacking up. But, being not the first time, with ample gyaan and slow pace in the 2nd half, it soon became clear that the narrative was not expected to get to the ‘super-blockbuster’ status – until the push to its 2nd life arrived.

As expected, after the days of hype and marketing influence were over, the cash inflow started flattening out and was well on the way to get into the stagnation zone.

And then, it happened. The 2nd life arrived, and in style, keeping the nation and the audiences hooked to the TV screens with intensely debated discourses on the movie.

The Good Samaritans, from the evergreen, overworking Hindu fundamentalist outfits, jumped in the fray, carefully picking elements from the movie to enlighten the nation, pushing more to watch the movie, to know about the elements they were highlighting. There are even the sort of viewers who had watched it earlier but are going to watch it again as they could not notice the element(s) in the context these ‘Good Samaritan publicists’ are presenting.

And there could not be a better timing. It is perfectly opportune, maximizing the resource utilization.

After all, had it coincided with the release, it would have wasted the resources used in marketing and promotion of the movie. Coming after the days that could be attributed to the ‘influence of marketers’, the well crafted, coordinated and increasingly synchronized move is a brilliant exercise in exercising the Public Relations tools.

After the first wave lost its appeal, fully exhausting its capacity levels, the second wave, that was voluntary in nature and had no official access and took time to research and study the finer elements of the PK content to be used as the central themes of their campaigns, had found the opportunity to chip in and they did it with full commitment, and too, without informing the production house and commercial stakeholders of the movie. Such exemplary selflessness is rare and is to be given due notice as has been happening.

Now, it is certainly debatable that how much the movie has earned so far, with differing figures putting the movie in different leagues – from Rs. 200 crore to over Rs. 400 crore clubs (hyped up box-office collections, that is again an increasingly used brilliant film marketing tool) – but it is clearly visible that its cash-pile is adding more stacks now, and at a handsome pace.

And the team that has produced a sensible cinema in PK, the movie, cannot be expected to act insensibly, by not saying thanks to these altruistic well-wishers.

And it also came with perfect timing. The ‘tomorrow’ could not have been better than the ‘today’ to say thanks as it was a frustrating day for the volunteers with Dhoni’s resignation stealing the show and the airwaves even if they worked harder and launched the campaign in many other cities.

The words of recognition, appreciation and gratitude by the Team PK will certainly lift their mood and morale up from today’s frustration and would recharge them for a more action-packed tomorrow.

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Bhartiya Janata Party’s member of parliament from Bhopal Alok Sanjar is a lawyer by profession his profile on the Lok Sabha website says.

But on Sunday the world came to know about his another expertise, hidden so far, that told the world he had deep scientific understanding and knowledge and he was a scientific researcher par-excellence specializing in psychological aspects of human biology including sexology.

The 51-year old law graduate who is a first time MP revealed his finding (or the eureka moment for the humankind) after a painstaking work that is sure to echo around the world – among the members of the scientific community as well as among the societies of the world populations including governments, opinion leaders and social scientists.

Mr. Sanjar, while addressing an event in Bhopal on Sunday (December 28, 2014, the red-letter day), revealed to the world his ‘epoch-defining’ finding on human sexual behaviour and its effect on human lifespan.

So far, the Gyaanis (the subject matter experts) have maintained that sex is better than jogging or can efficiently replace your gym engagement and can help you keep fit with a brilliant mental health or is the best form of physical work that includes pleasure as well. Discussions on health benefits of sex include themes like ‘if sex is the best form of exercise’.

But, then Gyaanis of stature like Mr. Sanjar are iconoclasts in their endeavours, giving the world something new that redefines the existing concepts.

And being true to his reputation, his finding indeed was groundbreaking, shattering the age-old notions on benefits of sex (mentioned above). Mr. Sanjar told the world on Sunday, in definitive terms, that sex affected human lifespan negatively and ‘frequent’ sex could ‘drastically’ reduce one’s lifespan.

Now, coming from a personality like Mr. Sanjar, who is also one of the members of the committee of Indian parliamentarians on ‘health and family welfare’, the earth-shattering finding has created a huge buzz and is being discussed the world over, including one of the alter-ego aspects that Mr. Sanjar probably left knowingly for some other day as he was still working on it. It is foolhardy even to think that Mr. Sanjar would have left it out of the ambit of his work.

The finding has grave consequences as it challenges one of the most taken for granted aspects of human relations and, as expected, has already become the talking point.

While the societies are debating the finding with heated discussions, scientists are approaching Mr. Sanjar to get enlightened on his finding further, to learn about its scientific nuances and its psychological implications. Anthropologists and social scientists are also interacting with Mr. Sanjar to know more as the finding has the potential to change the human behaviour on one of the natural and basic requirements of human physiological and psychological make-up, of human existence. As per the latest reports, governments, including his own, are also reaching out.

While the desire to further the understanding on Mr. Sanjar’s finding is supreme, all of them also want to know the ‘missing’ aspect – that what should be the ‘frequency’ of sex – that could be in the safe range – or the ‘safe frequency of sex’.

We wish Mr. Sanjar is already working on it because this ‘missing’ piece is the only hope after his authoritative finding that says human lives are under threat from an activity that has been internalized and is fundamental and universal to the human civilizations since the days of Adam and Eve (or when the first man and woman walked here) is expected to bring chaos in human relations and thus in societies.

We hope we will soon have some synchronized scale of ‘safe frequency’ by Mr. Sanjar that would be applicable to societies and ‘makes’ of humans.

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