After the Exit Poll results on February 7, the day of voting..

1. Did keeping on postponing Delhi polls for so long help AAP regain the lost ground after Kejriwal’s ‘deserter act’ leaving Delhi just after 49 days of governance to pursue the national political agenda?

2. Did BJP fail in exploiting electorally the ‘deserter act episode’? Did the party fail in convincing Delhi’s electorate that Kejriwal did something so seriously wrong that he was not to be forgiven for another chance?

3. Was BJP over-confident and was caught off-guard to take on challenges when the Abhinandan Rally of January 10 to launch BJP’s Delhi campaign (with Narendra Modi being the face of the rally) failed to bring the expected number of people to Ramlila Ground?

4. Did an Arvind Kejriwal-focused campaigning help Kejriwal cement his position further? Kejriwal was already the most popular CM candidate and an all-out attack on him while he chose not to respond to the personal attacks looks to have backfired.

5. Was the decision to induct Kiran Bedi in BJP was taken too late? The reports of Kiran Bedi joining BJP had been doing rounds since before the Lok Sabha polls and Kiran Bedi had been praising prime minister Narendra Modi on his every move. Would an earlier induction have played out differently for BJP and Kiran Bedi in Delhi?

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey–https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/

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