Today is World Photo Day/World Photography Day.

Its formal or informal nature doesn’t matter. What matters that it a is nice event of global spread to celebrate our expressions and thus our emotions – with a camera in reach of every hand through the smartphone revolution.

When I had taken this photograph, the Day was not in my thoughts. I randomly clicked the moment with my cellophane while en route to my workplace.

What pulled my attention was the text written on the rickshaw-puller’s T-shirt. It was Marathi, but in Devnagari script (Hindi), so I could read the names. Then there was this party symbol of the main opposition party (Indian National Congress) of India.

This one, the T-shirt the rickshaw-puller was wearing, was possibly a campaign material during the last Lok Sabha elections and was a Mumbai export, as the names on it suggested – either this rickshaw-puller had some days of his life in Mumbai or he had got it from someone from there.



©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –