On September 29, Google launched new series of Nexus devices. Yes, new Chromecast was also there.

But though Nexus has its own followers – and the Nexus mobile handsets are among the hot handsets in any market – its nowhere near to what iPhone commands – in terms of market share and in terms of brand equity.

iPhone, in fact, is the most suitable example of our times so far on ‘how brands can affect campaigns/public relations exercises around them’.

And when the world says that iPhone alone earns more in revenue than overall turnout of its nearest competitor, it sums up the central point about the brand in one word – perfect.

Yes, iPhone is the perfect brand to weave any communication package around it and like any ‘perfect’ brand, the company behind iPhone does least of the job on ‘promotion front’. The rest is done by the world outside the company – the world inhabited by media outlets, analysts, enthusiasts and sophomores of the virtual/online world and people across the world.

When Apple launches an iPhone, the world talks about it. Apple telecasts the event live and whole world catches every bit of it – the world inhabited, again, by iPhone enthusiasts, media outlets and analysts.

The iPhone launch event is top ranked trend on every social media platform across the globe. News channels go live with the event in the most of the countries. As is the trend now, Twitter and Facebook generate an intense buzz of opinions/voices. This year, a quick glance revealed the event to launch iPhone was trending on top in Twitter trends in most of the markets – when it was launched on September 9.

In fact, the word around the next iphone starts doing rounds just few months after the launch event and reaches to the deafening levels as the traditional annual launch date in September nears.

Nexus also commands some good media attraction and fans attachment – but on every parameter – the launch event proves a lacklustre performance when compared with the Apple event.

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©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/