Visiting temples and other religious places have different connotations and purposes based on the phase of life we are in. Sometimes, it is also about the state of mind that inspires you to make it a routine to follow – based on the social values you inherit.

Based on my reasons (and reasoning), I too, had this thing in my routine – visiting some temples that fell well on my city itinerary during my school/college days in Varanasi – Sankat Mochan, Durga Kund, Vankati Hanumanji and Lord Ganesh temple ‘Durg Vinayak’ that is mid-way en route the Durga Kund-Vankatiji street.

That was once upon a time.

Then, during the course of my life events, I shifted my base to Delhi. But as happens and as Varanasi is my home town and as I feel a sense of belongingness here, the city keeps on calling me again and again – and I respond to such calls with a ‘nostalgic excitement’ always.

After many years, this time around, when I am in Varanasi, I thought to revisit the experience of those days – visiting these temples again – trying to follow the way it used to be in my itinerary then – and I could do so – though with a different set of thoughts in my mind – based on who I am and where I am in my life.

Sankat Mochan 1

Sankat Mochan 3

Vankati Hanuman ji

Durg Vinayak ji

Durgakund 1

Durgakund 2


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –

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