As it is reacting today – from leaders enjoying its top echelons to leaders living in the remote barracks of its cadres – even if the overall structure of the cadres of the grand old party of India is rapidly deteriorating!

And in doing so, they are failing miserably – in explaining that how ‘their over-the-top, hoarse cries about political vendetta in the National Herald case is not touching the realms of judicial sovereignty and how it is not about trying to drag judiciary into the ongoing political row’.

Well, what is wrong in Subramanian Swamy or BJP pursuing the case?

BJP and Congress are political adversaries and given the state of affairs of Indian politics of the day, anyone would grab the opportunity to score political mileage a mismanaged affair like National Herald throws.

Congress would do the same if it would come across a similar opportunity.

So, no grand opinionating, no innovative catchphrases, no sycophantic overtures can justify what the Congress is trying to do – through its leaders – through its spokespersons.

In fact, the whole spectacle has put the Congress party in bad light – lost in a space where people can easily see through such designs.

What remains clear is the fact that the Delhi High Court saw dubious designs in the whole ‘Associate Journals Limited-Young Indian-National Herald’ affair, even if on Subramanian Swamy’s plea and ordered Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders accused in the case to appear in the lower court (Patiala House Court, Delhi), rejecting their appeal.

It is clear that people are not buying the charges of political vendetta in the case and are not going to buy it even in the future – apart from political grandstanding by few political outfits. They, in fact, clearly detest such political spectacles now. People can no longer be duped in the age of information access even if it sometimes creates chaos.

That is probably the reason that some sense prevailed and we did not see all that ‘tamasha’ like marches, rallies, effigy burning and sloganeering and we did not see the ‘expected grand climax of the day with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi not applying for bail’.

And anyway, the court proceedings lasted for some 10 minutes only granting bail to everyone rejecting Subramanian Swamy’s argument (of not granting bail), fixing the next date of hearing on 20th February 2016. No questions were asked; the court imposed no conditions for bails and asked just for personal sureties and guarantees. Same is expected to follow for Sam Pitroda who could not appear in the court due to health issues.

So, it again flew in the face of the party. Congress clearly miscalculated and overreacted here.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


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