Now that is one statement (or observation) – that is going to last as long as vehicular pollution remains – that means eternity – going by the present state of affairs the human civilization has.

During arguments on pleas of some vehicle makers, the Supreme Court remarked so yesterday – and it was such a delight to ears.

After all, we live in a society where the term ‘VIP’ has become a cultural phenomenon – so much so – that no one bothers what its expanded form means. I am sure there would be countless who would not be knowing what the term ‘VIP’ expand to – but they profoundly know what does it mean.

The Supreme Court in its December 16, 2015 order had banned registration of diesel vehicles over 2000 cc (and plus) in Delhi and NCR till March 2016. That was indeed a much delayed welcome step.

Bigger vehicles are notorious the world over and most environment sensitive regimes have started rejecting them – using a slapstick quip for them – gas guzzlers.

That is now coming to India and we should whole heartedly accept that.

Big vehicles are no doubt a luxury and most big vehicles are run on diesel. In a flat tone we can say they are not for masses. The most affordable range for cars in India is around Rs. 5 Lakh. Those who wish to upgrade and can afford go for various models with prices in the range Rs. 5 to 15 Lakh.

Now, Rs. 5 Lakh is a safe bet and cars in this range are basically run on petrol.

It is in the next price-slab, i.e., Rs. 5 to 15 Lakh, that people have fast moved to diesel vehicles with every maker, including even Honda (famed for its petrol engines), launching its diesel variants. The reasons vary – but the basic thing is the higher fuel economy as claimed by the vehicle makers as compared to petrol vehicles – and the relative lower retail price of diesel.

And the trend has been severe in metros like Delhi – with more higher income groups – or long distances to cover in your daily life.

And these diesel vehicles are not gas guzzlers.

Yes, but they all are polluting our environment as the experts say – as the court has rightly said the automakers to prove with documentary evidence that how their vehicles are less polluting or at par with petrol vehicles.

And it is a most welcome observation by the Supreme Court – with another possibility that in future the top court may include all diesel vehicles being registered in Delhi and NCR.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


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