While writing my longish mail on Amazon ‘Subscribe and Save’ category and tweeting it to Amazon, Amazon India and Jeff Bezos Twitter handles, I had not expected a prompt reply. It was based on my previous experiences. I have done this exercise with many companies – on some issue related to them. So far, my best experience has been with Dell India – its customer services team and its social media extensions.

And about my worst -well, there are many and picking a particular one is difficult. But if I am asked to pick one -I would say Eureka Forbes.

After consistently following multiple times, through phone and Facebook extension, I was forced to hang up, but the Eureka Forbes folks refused to buzz from their eternal slumber. Apart from many product and service related issues, I was not sent even my receipt that I was promised after making an online purchase for an Aquaguard Enhance water purifier (along with a freebie, that, too, never came).

And though a response from Amazon India over phone line has been efficient so far, its Facebook version was dull, and on the line seen so far, with so many companies.

I posted my write-up on the issue I am facing on Amazon India’s Facebook page. Obviously, it was the headline followed the link of the write-up. Soon, a message popped up, a reply from some guy entrusted to monitor Amazon India’s Facebook page. On expected, worn-out line, the person told me that ‘I needed to be specific’ in what I wanted to say.

Well, what can I say on this!

We folks spend so much time on writing about issues we face and expect that the concerned organization would at least take the pain to read them.

Well, I don’t know if that happened.

Because there was no further reply from any Amazon staff after I wrote back requesting that the person should open the link attached where I had written ‘very specifically’ about the problem I was facing.

And it was when it was not an outright criticism – but a suggestion along with conveying a potential problem that may see more of it in the days ahead.


And on Twitter?

Well, here again, I tagged Twitter IDs of Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Amazon India and Amazon Help along with my write-up’s link.

But no response has come so far and its almost 24 hours now.


Yes it was a weekend and there might be slippages but it looks quite awkward given the fact that there would be dedicated social media teams, even for Jeff Bezos Twitter handle.

It is not about Amazon or some other company’s track record of resolving problem(s) associated with services/products on offer. Most of the time they fail.

I hope it will not be this time given Amazon India’s track record and given the fact that E-commerce or online retail cannot dominate a business scene if it is not customer friendly.

I do this exercises randomly to get some handy information about how companies are treating their customers – about their marketing communication and public interface practices in a B2C environment of E-commerce that is slated to grow manifold.

Most of the companies and their honchos fail here, some miserably.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/