US President Donald Trump has just delivered his maiden Congressional address. The longish address, which sounded well rehearsed, promised the US people moon.

The speech was usual Trump rhetoric, but garnished with different seasoning this time that earned Trump some desperate brownie points – like it was called his most balanced speech so far – like he sounded Presidential and sombre for the first time – like he didn’t resort to his jingoistic style while delivering his great vision to ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT’ again.

As mush desperate as Trump was, so were his supporters, and they grabbed the opportunity that Trump looked to provide – even if it was with the faintest of hope. His supporters lauded Trump like he had delivered some breakthrough.

When, in reality, Trump didn’t say anything groundbreaking different from his earlier stand, from his earlier stable of words.

He slammed Obamacare saying it was becoming an irreversible disaster. He said the last eight years have done unthinkable to the US but now is the time to rekindle hope as Trump is in the driver’s seat. He talked of his grandiose Mexican wall (though this time he didn’t exhort that he will make the Mexicans pay for it).

He toned down his immigration rant but it was because of his failed attempt to implement his pet scheme in its earlier caustic form that US judged readily rejected. He talked of launching grand schemes with grander outcomes and assured Americans that jobs and wealth is now going to flow like a flooded river in the US.

Obviously all these will be very pleasing to any ear. But haven’t we heard these Trump gems earlier?