As expected, the denial from Barack Obama’s camp on Donald Trump’s diversionary allegation was quick, swift and effective. It was already amplified in appeal by the fact that the 45th US President didn’t offer, as has been his favourite ‘hoot and scoot style’, any evidence to back his wild claims that many US senators see as a ‘serious breach’ and emphasize on the need for ‘serious investigation’.

The team of the 44th US President has said that it was a policy cornerstone of the Obama White House to never interfere in the Department of Justice probes. The team further clarified that under the US law, no US president can order ‘wire tapping’ of any US citizen and the accusations made by Donald Trump are ‘simply false’.

Now Barack Obama carries much more weight than Donald Trump and people will have no problem in buying the clarification put forward by his team, especially when Trump is still silent on backing his wild accusations with some sort of evidence though almost 24 hours have passed.

That brings us to the natural extension of this row – that what would be the next body of lies tweetaculated by Donald Trump who prefers to use his personal Twitter handle and personal resort as his official mouthpiece and his official winter residence.

Interestingly, while levelling frivolous allegations on Obama, Trump used the term McCarthyism. McCarthyism was a notorious term given to the acts of US Senator John McCarthy in 1950s and is basically about targeting and persecuting people for treason crimes without even a shred of evidence – something that Trump is looking to be masters at – something that is again evident by the bunch of these wild tweets against Obama in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from the growing row over his campaign team’s Russia connections.

Trump is well habituated and thus well suited for McCarthyism. That brings us to another conclusion that we all know that, on one side, Trump is not well read, and at the same time, lacks a team of advisers and support staff who could help him with such basic but glaring mistakes in his tweetacules.



  1. Back in the McCarthy days,. I was about 12, but the hearings conducted by McCarthy are etched onto my memory. As the Senator harangued and brow-beat the suspected “communists” on nationwide television….yeah, black and white…I for one absolutely lived in terror at the thought that I might, somehow, improbably, but maybe be (whisper) one of them. Just being accused was hideous back in the day, and since many of McCarthy’s victims were movie people I sort of knew them. Ronald Reagan (yep…THAT Ronald Reagan) was or had been president of the movie star union and narrowly missed being accused himself. I watched in horror and fascination at the shocking mistreatment of all sorts of people by a big-shot American politician.

    Actually, now that I think about it….it would be great fun to watch McCarthy rip into Trump and his cronies. I know, a double standard, but hey….the commies live in infamy. I still shiver when I picture McCarthy looming over those poor people… 🙂

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