The article originally appeared on India Today.

Here it is bit modified.

Pakistan was certainly a better team yesterday when it defeated India in the Champions Trophy finals lifting the cup but the way Pakistan army is trying to cash this victory to further its anti-India propaganda is only laughable.

It seems the whole military establishment of Pakistan got a desperate lease of life to look down upon India after continuous humiliation from India, be it the Surgical Strikes last year or India demolishing Pak army bunkers this year or India’s continued domination on the border with Pakistan.

Tweets by Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, DG, Inter-Service Public Relations and Pak army spokesperson, after Pakistan’s win sounded like Pakistan had won some war against India with its Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Qamar Javed Bajwa, it naval chief and its soldiers cheering up Pakistan’s win.

To beef up his propaganda rhetoric, Maj Ghafoor added a video of celebrations in Srinagar on Pakistan’s win and didn’t forget to add happy images from Baluchistan saying “to whom it may concern”. Lay off!”

He used Pakistan’s cricketing win over India to repeat the worn out line “united we shall defend Pak against all threats our enemies hatch” with images of “valiant soldiers of Pakistan congratulating Team Pak and Nation”.

We can understand the low confidence level of the Pak army. To save its face, it had to issue official denial of the very existence of the Surgical Strikes and it would certainly have hurt the ego of its military commanders. When India released a video of its operations destroying Pak bunkers in retaliation to the cowardly act of beheading of Indian soldiers and pushing infiltrators in India, Pak army could find nothing to counter India but a fake video. Likewise, we cannot say anything about these images of Baluchistan and Srinagar shared here. They may well be products of Pak army’s propaganda factory. And to cap Pak army’s misery, the reports of its atrocity in Baluchistan are now being heard the world over after India has started highlighting the issue.



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