The Young (and Plump) Kim says his Rogue Nation is in the final leg of launching a nuclear capable Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) that will be as ballistic as his tenure and words have been, ever since he took over the reins of the Rogue Nation in a December five years ago from the Great Rouge, who, in turn, had inherited the Rogue Nation from the Greatest Rouge ever walked in that part of the world.

Now it is another thing that this Young (and Plump) Kim can surpass even that Greatest Rogue in Rogueness.

Every Rogue of the Rogue Nation, be it the Greatest Rogue or the Great Rogue or the Young Rogue, have had this dream that one day their Roguness will go beyond the Greatness they already have once they have an ICBM that can carry weapons (including state of the art Rogue Nation’s nukes) to the Mightiest Nation on the Earth.

And they have been practicing it since ages – weighting for that moment to arrive.

Like it happens, the whole nature has conspired to derail that dream of the Greatness of the Rogue Nation.

But they have toiled hard. And have been consistent with their efforts.

Be it the Greatest Rogue or the Great Rogue or now the Young Rogue.

So while cementing their position as the undisputed representative of their people, giving them that rare hope to look at the bright side of life, something that no one knows when was last seen in the lives of the commoners of the Rogue Nation, they are also continuing with the mammoth cost that goes in building the Rogueness of their lands. Obviously, theirs must be very, very heavy hearts.

So, if the people of the Rogue Nation are making great sacrifices, their representatives are setting even bigger an example.

They are together in this quest it looks – the representatives are giving hopes – even if it means by coercive measures, as happens in case of larger societal interest – and people are buying those hopes, because they have no other option – after living a life of extreme hardship that the nature has forced them into.

Hope is the only trending commodity in the Rogue Nation available in abundance, thanks to the persistent efforts of its Rogues.

And how consistent the Rogues have been with their efforts becomes visible from the fact that the global community has been hooked since ages to any development that comes out from the Rogue Nation’s nuclear programme and its warning messages on how the nukes riding on the Rogue Nation’s great ICBMs will wreak havoc in the Mightiest Nation on the Earth.

And like they are developing their nukes and ICBMs and are on the brink of breaking-even, as the Young Kim (Rogue) let us know in his New Year message, they have been consistent with dishing out their messages, packaging them in ever more interesting formats, to let the world know that when it will be, how big it will be – the Rogue Nation’s wrath on the Mightiest Nation on the Earth.

And even in doing so, so diligently, they never forget the welfare side of it – of giving hope to their people – who are told that these messages are true and the Rogue Nation has already decimated the Mightiest Nation on the Earth – and is preparing for even great greater a feat.

They are practicing it. And in the larger interest, they are making their people practice it.

Immune from all – from the words coming out from the Mightiest Nation on the Earth – even if it is from the Mightiest Person of the Mightiest Nation as he asserted yesterday that the Rogue Nation’s ICBM won’t happen. He tweeted, “The Rogue Nation just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the Mightiest Nation on the Earth. It won’t happen!.”



Well, that is exactly what has happened with recent events – developments, statements and even silence – everything gives an interesting sense of déjà vu. Everything has happened as it was thought to be – but with loads of moments that are pure delight for any cartoonist with an eye for political humour and satire.

We can say,





Any which way you want to say 🙂

Or we can say,


Or we can say,


Or we can say,


Or we can the staple one 🙂 🙂







We may call it coincidence or destiny’s cruel joke or poetic justice of nature, but whatever propaganda Pakistan is spreading against India these days, it is coming back to hit it only, be it geopolitical in nature or anything else.

Something on these lines happened today in an interesting development. Pakistan’s senate today passed ‘a resolution unanimously to felicitate the Pakistani cricket team on becoming number one in the test cricket’. And today only Pakistan lost its number one spot. And that, too, to India.

India today defeated New Zealand to win the second consecutive test match of the three match series and took an invincible lead of 2-0. And with it India regained its top spot in the test cricket. India was the top test playing country before Pakistan.

Pakistan had become number one on August 22 after India-West Indies test series had ended in a 2-2 draw – while to retain its top rank, India had to win the series by 3-0.

Perhaps, the Pakistani ruling elite could not get time since then (or pulse for it). Anyway, better late than never. Even if it took 40 days (since August 22)! But, see what happened! And they chose this day!

While the Pakistani Senate was passing the resolution honouring the Pakistani cricket team for becoming number one, it slipped back. And that, too, to India!

And in times when anti-India sentiments in Pakistan have peaked. This incident tells us that destiny doesn’t want to stay with Pakistan anymore. Naturally, if the Pakistani senators would have realized that India could unseat Pakistan from the top spot today, they would never have gone for it. True, misfortune spoils the mind!

Pakistani military and its ruling elite have always adopted an anti-India stand and have always practiced and fuelled anti-India propaganda. Fomenting and spreading terrorism in India and showing India in a negative light on international platforms have always been on the main agenda of every Pakistani ruling elite.

Now that India is responding back (strongly) to this Pakistani agenda, both militarily and diplomatically, the skewed balance that Pakistan was enjoying so far, has gone to a toss. And in fact, is rightly tilting in India’s favour, especially after the Surgical Strike deep across Line of Control (LoC) in Pak-occupied-Kashmir. And no one is taking Pakistan seriously even if it has scaled up its Kashmir rant and is doing its every bit to convince the world that India did not carry any surgical strike in PoK and it was mere a rumour.

A game should be treated with sportsmanship and being number one or two or victory or defeat is an inherent part of it. But timing is the devil here. This whole newsbreak has nothing special about it but this coincidence, which, if we say in the style of Paulo Coelho, says that the ‘whole universe is conspiring against Pakistan’ – (even if its advantage goes to India or India somehow comes in the scene).



So..Akhilesh Yadav has finally got the potion that will get him his opponents’ sleep – that will fetch him finally the stick to wield power over his rivals in the upcoming electoral battle in Uttar Pradesh where the incumbent assembly under him is completing its term in March 2017.

It will be a healing touch that, in one go, will transcend beyond all ‘ifs and buts’ and will transform the lives of all state residents, especially the downtrodden one that form the majority of the state, something that Akhilesh Yadav has been trying ever since he was inaugurated in the Lucknow secretariat.

He is justified in half-launching it. While the preparatory ground work is going to be laid out right at the moment, the real implementation phase to reach out to the intended beneficiaries will began only after the next assembly polls – conditioned to the conditionality that Akhilesh returns to the office.

And what’s wrong in that. After all, this one and, in fact, every political step that he takes to ensure his victory – over the rival factions inside his party – and over the political opposition – should be seen in this context only.

He began his term with a digital initiative – distributing free laptops. To give it his party’s socialist emblem, he christened it as ‘Samajwadi laptop’ and then rechristened with a Samajwadi home page. That was a milestone in introducing digital literacy in India and was a logical extension of the utterly illogical freebie culture in our elections – especially in the state elections – where from televisions sets, to cable connections, to mixer-grinders, to sarees, and to what not is on free fall.

So when Akhilesh Yadav, while announcing the scheme, claimed that he launched a comprehensive digital connect initiative much before Narendra Modi’s Digital India imprint, he has a point to make. If he is looking for some credit here that he should ideally be given.

And we hope this free smartphones scheme will go much beyond the numerical extent of the free laptops initiative. After all, it has the inherent cost advantage that could have been a factor with laptops in taking it to a wider base. If we talk about even the cheaper range of laptops, in the range of Rs. 40,000, we can have some 8 good smartphones in the price of one laptop. And a proper negotiation based on volume and scale can take this to 10 handsets.

Now, as per Akhilesh, the SP government under him has distributed around 18 lakh laptops in the state. If we take a direct corollary, that comes to be around 1.8 crore smartphones. Uttar Pradesh’s population is around 20 crore, out of which, around 12 crore are in the 15-59 age group (59.5%).

The scheme Akhilesh announced yesterday is for over 18 years of age and is basically for have-nots, having a family income below Rs. 2 Lakh a year. Also it not for the government sector employees. Anyway, no government salary bracket is in that lower range. So, there may be a bit of redundancy here. But that is ok. We must go by the larger canvas.

And the larger canvas is – Akhilesh wants to take his digital initiative to the next logical level – from a shared mode of communication (from laptops that is generally used by all users in a family) – to a personal channel – mobiles/smartphones – with individual users.

It is the logical next step of empowerment and we believe Akhilesh will try to cover the whole base here, so we can expect that even if the intended population segment represents some 8 crore members, Akhilesh will try to reach all of them.

And like said in the above lines, Akhilesh has all the rights to strengthen and perpetuate his legacy and for it, he needs more than one five-year term. So when he expects that people give him another chance and he links his aspirations with his next flagship initiative of free smartphones, like free laptops were during his first term, there is nothing wrong in it.



The news came from Madhya Pradesh which has a popular chief minister who has been consistently elected by his constituency and who is now in his third consecutive term.

The Madhya Pradesh assembly had some chaotic scenes today where one political class was taking on the other – the opposition over the ruling class – and the issue in point was distribution of adulterated and rotten wheat sacks to the flood victims. Reports said some wheat sacks contained as much as 20 kg soil in a pack of 50 kg.

Well, it’s a flourishing business. We should be thankful to P. Sainath, a sincere career journalist, who devoted his whole life to rural reporting, especially on farm suicides, droughts and agrarian crisis. The book ‘Everybody Loves A Good Drought’ makes for a pithy and informed reading. It shows how droughts have become big money spinners for the governing machinery and the appendages dependent on it.

Floods present a similar opportunity, in fact any natural calamity of big scale – but what makes floods and droughts big opportunities for money minded vultures – are their geographical spread and regular frequency. Their earning potential far outweighs other catastrophic happenings like earthquake, cloud burst or cyclone. These are localized in nature and thus limited in scope for making money.

Big projects, big money. Small projects, small money. Simple!

So, it everybody loves a good drought..’that’ everybody loves a good flood as well!



Kerala sports minister E P Jayarajan is in news. He is in news because of the views he has put forward so emphatically – again because of the office he holds.

And this is when he is just few days old in the office. So, he is on the job right from the day one.

And he a Leftist – from the intellectually most sound political lot!

He is from the Left Democratic Front government of Kerala. LDF is led by CPI(M) which won Kerala state elections last month ousting the Congress party and its chief minister Oommen Chandy from the office. It was a desperate win for the party that is otherwise becoming irrelevant in the Indian politics.

E P Jayarajan is in news because of the allegations made by Olympian athlete Anju Bobby George. Anju said Mr. Jayarajan misbehaved with her and made harsh and derogatory statements against her.

Anju was made the President of the Kerala Sports Council by the previous Congress led United Democratic Front government and she had gone to meet the sports minister in that capacity.

Though Mr. Jayarajan has denied the allegations, we are going to believe Anju Bobby George given the precedent set by Mr. Jayarajan – a much discussed feat!

Mr. Jayarajan has been in news because of the precedent he has set.

He began with undoing of what, so far, had the last preserve the Left-wing politicians in India (or for that matter elsewhere) – that the Communists (or the Left Front) politicians are intellectual – that they all are well read!

How well read Mr. Jayarajan was – was out in the open before everyone when an international news broke – thousands of miles away – across the Pacific – in America – that the boxing legend Muhammad Ali was no more.

Now Muhammad Ali was one of the rare breed of sports persons who not only became synonymous with their game, but also became crusader of human issue – like fighting for Black Americans.

Mr. Muhammad Ali was as familiar for boxing in India as Dara Singh was for wrestling. In fact, many Indians would not know the names of even its top ranked boxers of the day, but they would certainly know the name ‘Muhammad Ali’ – even if they would know the details of his personal and professional life.

Mr. Jayarajan was in news because he said Mr. Muhammad Ali was born in Kerala and he had brought home name and fame winning a Gold Medal. According to the off-the-record versions, he did not stop at it. He, in fact, went ahead with his glowing wisdom, and was to announce some financial compensation for Ali’s family – whose fortune is estimated to be some 90 million $.

Here is the conversation between him and a news channel anchor (courtesy – Firstpost):

News anchor: The state’s sports minister, E P Jayarajan is now with us on the telephone line. Mr Jayarajan, Muhammad Ali, the legend, has left us. How would you share your memory about that legend?

E P Jayarajan: I just came to know that Muhammad Ali died at America. Ali was an eminent personality in Kerala’s sports world. Ali elevated the name of Kerala internationally by winning a gold medal for us. I hereby share the sadness Kerala’s sports world in Ali’s demise.

Here is the video:

See it to enjoy the new age Leftist wisdom in India – that is tasting some new waters after facing the crisis of a lifetime – of being relevant in Indian politics – after being pushed to the distant third spot in the West Bengal assembly.

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I came across a social media post today. Later, someone forwarded it on my WhatsApp ID.

It was a perfect example of how labyrinthine Indian bureaucracy is – that how tortuous its ways are – that how obsolete its functioning is – still!

It was a newspaper cutting of an advertisement by the General Administration Department of the Himachal Pradesh government – issued on May 31.

It is a tender advertisement issued in the name of an Additional Secretary level official.

And it is for!! Hold your breath!! Even if you are aware of some silly ways of the Indian bureaucracy!!

It is for turbans to be used by the drivers of the GAD, Himachal Pradesh.

Okay, if transparency has to the sole point, then why not follow the due process – even if it is for turbans or for a bicycle!

But what if it is for two turbans – and one of the stated terms of the tender notice says it cannot be more than Rs. 50 a meter.

So, for the sum total financials related with this ‘turban’ requirement cannot go beyond Rs. 350.

That is the sum total wisdom of our bureaucracy that propels the minds of the most brilliant lot of our nation – after all, recruitment to the Indian civil services is probably the most gruelling selection procedure in the country.

And examples like this ‘turban tender’ show transparency can never be more transparent than this!


This is the screenshot of the page with the directing link on Himachal Pradesh’s website.


And this is where you are directed.


And you can find the PDF of the tender document here.

I would not say ‘see it to believe it’ – because such pathbreaking acts are a norm with the archaic mode the Indian administration functions – including its bureaucracy – be it the archaic laws – or the all pervasive VIP culture. You can add more to it.

‘See it to feel the way you want to feel about it.’

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No doubt, the Constitution of India won today, when the Supreme Court of India announced the results of the floor test it ordered to be conducted in the Uttarakhand assembly yesterday.

A democratically elected government that was forced out of the state assembly, thanks to the machinations of the BJP led NDA government, was forced in today with the Constitutional remedy effected by the top court of the country.

We all, who care for democratic norms and India’s federal structure, must be thankful for this moment in our contemporary political history.

But, what about the worrying symptoms that don’t leave even these moments of trust?

Judicial intervention to uphold the Constitutional sovereignty comes with its natural by-product in the prevailing political circumstances of the country – willingly or unwillingly acting as a shield to the corrupt practices going in the backdrop – like we all saw in these months – all that happened in Uttarakhand.

Obviously, whenever such a condition of political uncertainty prevails, horse-trading or selling or buying of legislators becomes the norms of the day. It’s an open secret that all know – be it Uttarkhand or Arunachal or even in case of a minority Union Government.

It went a step ahead in Uttarakhand.

The open secret became bare here.

Congress legislators were caught on camera involved in horse-trading attempt. The whole nation saw it – twice. Even then, Harish Rawat, whose Uttarakhand government has been facing allegations of corruption, looked taking high moral ground today after the apex court made the result of floor test public.

To continue..

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Simply, because it has been the political culture in India.

Congress was always notorious for dismissing/sacking elected governments in states and the party has exercised/exploited this option innumerable times during its long reign in India – some 55 years of India’s 68 independent years.

And like the Congress party is complaining now – is crying now – all those parties did so when their governments were thrown out of the power.

So, in a way, it should be kind of sweet revenge – that Congress is facing something that it so conveniently did when it had the power.

A very famous poem that is taught in school curriculum says that those who have seen defeats in life can only know the taste of victory.

And it applies to the both parties here – the state run by BJP led NDA government in Centre and the states run by Congress governments – first Arunachal Pradesh, now Uttarakhand – and there are murmurs of same fate about Himachal Pradesh and Manipur.

Going by the poem, and going by the proverbial wisdom, Congress is now facing the brunt of defeats, first electorally, and now in the name of the Constitution, and we should rightly expect that it will do all to taste the sweet ‘taste’ of victory once it regains the power in Delhi – either in 2019 or some other time.

But first about the erstwhile losers – or the parties that have had very little say in running the affairs of India – and except BJP, the only party that has had so far only any full-term government (in fact, only single full-term government) – will certainly be feeling more ‘justified’ in exercising this Constitutional provision while running the country with their government installed in Delhi.

Because, when it was its term, even Congress was always Constitutionally right – irrespective of what the common sense’ political wisdom said – irrespective of what the experts said – and irrespective of what the Constitutional custodians, the courts, said.

To continue…

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“68 is the natural number following 67 and preceding 69. It is an even number.” – that is what the Wikipedia page on the number 68 says. There is nothing much else on the page except some technical information that, for most, is like filling a page entry somehow.

And here comes this development in this time of need. The editors or writers of the page should take note of the dominance of the number ’68’ in Tamil Nadu now – to put some interesting stuff there (on the page) – as the number has become the most important symbol of a populous Indian state – with wide display today.

Today is the day when ’68’ has become synonymous with Tamil Nadu – a state of some ’68’ million people – a state, that in turn, gives feelers that it has become synonymous with J. Jayalalithaa, its chief minister since her sweeping re-election in 2011 and her comeback to the throne in May 2015 after the Karnataka High Court acquitted her in the disproportionate assets case.

Jayalalithaa had assumed the office for the third term in 2011 and since then her party AIADMK has swept every election in Tamil Nadu including the last Lok Sabha polls in 2014. And it is when her DA case is decades old and it was not the first time in 2014 when she was disqualified and barred from the political office. Something similar had happened in 2001 when she was barred from contesting the polls after she was found guilty in the TANSI land deal case which was overturned later.

When we see the political history of Tamil Nadu – it has been between these two parties – DMK and AIADMK – and time has been fair about listening to both of these parties.

But, it seems the Amma times are here to stay this time. It is being expected that AIADMK will be able to decimate every opposition in the upcoming assembly polls later this year.

And its echoes are already here – with the ascendance that the number ’68’ saw today.

Let’s see the colourful elements:

The first and the foremost things is the great coincident – Jayalalithaa at ’68’ has a Tamil Nadu of some ’68’ million people.

Tamil Nadu, (it seems the whole state), is celebrating Jayalalithaa’s birthday in a grand style – in an electoral year – (obviously we all can see through the acts and through the kaleidoscope) – but here we are talking about the colours.

AIADMK workers and supporters organized functions for ’68’ mass-wedding ceremonies across the state. The couples wore an interesting headgear with Amma’s photograph like a crown jewel.

At AIADMK office in Chennai, a ’68’ Kg cake was cut. Huge cakes were prepared in different parts of Chennai and in the state.

’68’ lakh trees were to be planted across the state. Reports further said that these saplings were to be planted in ‘6868’ temples across the 32 districts of Tamil Nadu.

’68’ medical camps were organized and blood donation drives were held across the state.

Special ‘poojas’ were performed in 122 temples across the state to pray for the long life of Amma. Special cow worship and cow donation drives were held. Women members of AIDMK performed a ‘pooja’ – carrying milk pots on head while visiting temples and praying.

All Amma canteens of Chennai served free meals today. Across the state, community lunches were organized.

Cleaning of water bodies across the state was carried out. South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce donated lamps.

It was announced that every girl child born today in every hospital run by the Chennai city corporation would be given a donation of Rs. 10,000.

An AIADMK lawmaker announced that he would ‘gift’ gold ring to every child born today in North Chennai.

Some AIADMK leaders presented before us adventurous shows of floating on water while praying for Amma’s long life.

AIADMK leaders and Jayalalithaa supporters made it a point to flaunt Jayalalithaa tattoos – with her face, name or taglines carved.

Distribution of Amma brand of products were done free of cost across the state – with Amma soaps, Amma shampoo and other products on display. Goodies like sewing machines, television sets, sarees, dhotis, school notebooks, etc., were donated liberally.

Rallies were held across the state with huge fireworks planned for the evening.

And this is when Jayalalithaa didn’t make any personal appearance today. She didn’t come out and say thanks to her followers and fans.

Amazing! Subtle! God like! The celebrations are expected to last till weekend. But expect the continued run in the context of the electoral symbolism of all these activities.

Jayalalithaa’s 68th birthday made Tamil Nadu – ‘Amma Nadu’. Jayalalithaa’s party has tried to scale ‘her cult’ from ‘momentous to monumental’ – from her ‘Baahubali’ incarnation during the Chennai floods of November-December last year – floods that had battered the whole state badly – killing over 500 people – rains and floods that are considered among the costliest natural disaster of 2015.

Welcome to the kaleidoscope the South Indian politics is – totally person centric – going to the extent even to erect temples and offer worship.

The number ’68’ had never things going so good – to offer so much – so much to brag about – so much to write about. The Wikipedia editors must take this into consideration and act immediately.

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