For the love of writing
With the thrill of ride
For the joy of thinking
With a canvas so wide

To nature’s hallways
To its rhythmic slopes
To nature’s galleries
Through its sky ropes

For the love of writing
In the mood of romantics
For the pull of reflecting
In the league of semantics

My story in 365 days
My stories of 365 days
A life rejoiced every day
A though lived on its way

Writing it on my days
Riding it on my ways
Aiming high all it says
Thinking right all it prays

That is what is to be
It was what set me free
A life in own company
A thought in its harmony

Reflecting on as a year comes
Writing on as its day beckons
So far, the trip has been fine
And the pleasure is all mine..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


It was 365 days ago, the Tuesday on December 31, 2013, the day of symbolic transition of time, from one to the next milestone, from a year to the next, on the timescale, designed to keep track of times our lives pass through, that I was writing a poem, ‘A Year Goes By’, musing on the days the year had for me.

Doing so is always existentially individual. And here is the Wednesday of December 31, 2014, with an hour left.

Like any other event of life, it is for the perspectives that what we think on this day, how we reflect on the days gone by. Practically, it changes nothing much, apart from the psychological symbolism that gives us the frame to look back, to reflect on – on what was a year in life, a capsule of time, adding to the story of our existence, adding stories as the year proceeded, adding elements as the days changed the calendar entry.

And it is never a zero-sum game – positive or negative, you gain something, in terms of experiences – vital enough to guide you if you can hear the call.

I had not thought of any resolutions on December 31, 2014, like I always did. Yes, I had my reflections and accordingly had certain stopovers to head to, but there was nothing in the realm of ‘pinned’. Instead, it was living life fully, my way, every day.

How successful I have been? Now success is a relative term and should be left to personal, intimate considerations. Like every life, I had my share of good and bad and routine but I didn’t see any point, like always, to assess my life in ‘gain or loss’ terms. I could do what I had thought to do. I could not do certain things that were in my mind. But I could continue doing certain things that I needed to do.

I wrote freely, extending and building on my way of life, going deeper inside me, on the journey to reclaim me that had its origin on a day, exactly four years ago, December 31, 2010, a setback that first pushed me to question my identity vehemently, setting me thus on the path to find who I was before the reason of the setback had taken over my thinking, and later on, became the light to guide me to go even deeper inside, in my own company. Yes, the identity crisis was over a long ago but identity is a lifetime love.

2014 saw definitive development on my books, two of them I am working on. The flow was good initially and I had thought I would be able to finish the drafts by the year end. But, then the writer’s block crept in (if I can claim to have one ). So, while the thoughts kept on building and finding space in my notes, the drafts didn’t progress to completion. Anyway, the block is over now and I think I am going to take it with the same love I had.

Meanwhile, I could finally bring up my website – – to extend my blogging experience to a formal and diversified content platform. Some of my content is already categorized there and as I am going to take it as extension of my notebooks, it will see constant experiments and updates.

Writing is relief and release and I explored the canvas for newer realms and blogging continued to have some of its share through my regular blogs – and – and my themed blogs – and – with 550 posts including – articles, poems, photographs, experimented images and quotes. For my first blog, ‘Beyond This Life’ or ‘Severally Alone’ (, it was also the third ‘no breaks’ calendar year in a row.

During the course of writing, I did something that I had not done in years. I don’t remember the last time when I had watched a full movie in theatre. I prefer the home video option, even if it means some wait. I am not a film buff but I admire and revisit the good cinema and home videos give me the liberty to do so at my own pace while at the same time help me in building my library. But 2014 had the final episode of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth story, as filmed by Peter Jackson, scheduled in December. It was capping the second Middle Earth trilogy of Jackson’s stint with Tolkien’s land of fantasy after 11 years when the best of the lot, ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’, a landmark in narrating a book on screen, was released in 2003 and there was an urge to see the trilogies side-by-side, in their totalities, on how the craft of filmmaking had performed comparatively.

Now the home video would not come before April 2015. So, for my urge for the comparative study, I decided to take the route long forgotten when I picked up the movie in a theatre on Saturday, December 13.

Now, in few hours, the 4 of 2014 would transition to 5 of 2015. So, while the three digits would remain the same, the fourth different one would cause the next cycle on the timescale to begin, like the eternal message of living that says – ‘tomorrow is built on today with learning from yesterday’ – remember, life is never a zero-sum game.

It would be another calendar year with 365 new days to explore, to write, to read, to travel, to create new ideas, new stories, rewriting the oldies, clicking and capturing the known and unknown while continuing on the inward journey.

With the freedom of ‘no resolutions’ – with the freedom of my commitment to my conscience to live every day meaningfully liberated – with the freedom to make every day an opportunity!

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Thoughts flow. They come. They go. They stay put.

Thoughts evolve. They accompany. They personify.

Thoughts ideate. Thoughts pursue. Thoughts create.

The idea of a thought. The idea behind a thought.

The idea shaping a thought. The Thoughts shaping an idea.

The idea of the thought that is shapeless – the thought that takes shape on the go —

The thought that evolves as the time moves – day after day – sometime, the day is counted – sometime, the days remain unaccounted for – along our lives, with our many lives – with tales of our personal lives, with tales on our social lives.

The thought that grows on social behaviour of who we are – on how socially customizable the human beings can become in a society.

In societies that have had long runs of many orthodox cultural ethos affecting almost every sphere of personal and public life – ideas come, thoughts follow – thoughts push for ideas – and words flow – in societies facing existence many layered societies within with rapid and unequally distributed changes.

And the individual should prevail – forced or self-driven, but that should be the desired outcome – something, that should be the most wished paradigm to follow.

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As if it was resurrecting,
The long forgotten past,
To a journey that was,
To be the only quest
The retrospective was,
Getting younger by the night
Touching emotions,
Deep inside,
Trying to bond again
Asking questions,
Questioning the questions
And answers making sense
It happened then
The proximity echoed,
So deep inside saying,
How it could be my past
When it had to be,
The only tomorrow
When it still makes,
For the cause of today
When it still makes,
For the quest,
My life of forgotten days,
Seeks to apologise for
But, as it happened then,
The night tries,
To seduce me again
As if,
Waking me from some dream
In its familiar,
Mischievous, flirtatious way
Trying to overwrite,
On my introspection,
Yet again,
To drive me to the days
To push me to forget, again,
My quest of the only life,
I ever aspired for
But the night doesn’t realise,
I have learnt,
To override its call

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


“Live. Achieve. Die. You’re Liberated.”

Live.Achieve.Die.You're Liberated.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –



The transition
The symbolism of a day
To look back on
To feel the days gone by

To rehash the milestones
To recap the pains
To read them yet again
To text the symbolism

For the transition
Of a day’s identity
With its past
For its present

To make its tomorrow
The new Today
To renew the life
With a new pledge

To read the life
With a new you

The symbolism
Of a day’s transition
Happening everyday
Rejuvenates your identity

The symbolism
Of a day’s transition
From a year to the next
Is for, to reflect on a life

A year comes for the day
To add new elements
To its identity
With everyday newness

A day comes
To come everyday
To open up the vistas
For you to achieve more
For you to be more of you

A year comes
For every tomorrow
To make your today
For every day
To make your day

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Cerebral promises
A year worked on
And a life dedicated
Thoughtful commitment
The quest and its statement

An inner urge to go beyond
It’s been a year worked on
An enlightened journey upslope
A pledge to go for the kill
A sentient resolve to respond

Cerebral periodicals
A year worked on
The seminal dissent
And a call taken in
Outwitting the inimical

A year goes by
A year comes now
An invitation to thrill
An inclination to drill
It is to be the way uphill

A meaningful year goes by
Advent of great days knocks
The music gets subtler
The song gets into the veins
Yes, for the cerebral promises

A year worked on
A year goes by
A year comes now
To be worked on
In the quest to go beyond

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –



“It’s up to you to remain a mute spectator in the name of destiny or so,
living and leading a subservient lifestyle, or taking on it head on, with a vengeance,
with your emotional fury, with unwavering confidence of Being You,
 to tell life that let’s settle scores,
to become contemporaries with mutual respect for each other.”



©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


..Or You being the Person You Think to Be..

..Or You Being the Person You Think To Be..

“The illusion – the Illusionist,
The delusional Methodist,
The Hallucinatory thinker,
The Dreaming Realist,
Life the Way it is,
You being the Person You think to be,
The Identity Idealist,
The Existential Realist,
The Diehard Individualist-

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Dream, aspire, think, feel free and be logical your way.

Dump the practical! Suck the methodical!

Don’t let the sleep deprive your dreams of its logical elements.

Unrestricted, unchained, be your own liberator, no one else can free you. Reality of the senses being untenable, incomprehensible!

Dream but don’t expect. Dream and fly with the flow. Dream and expect from you only. Everyone else is just as yours as the illogical dreams.

Personify your dreams. Weed out the dreams that are there to hurt only, dreams that are there to become illusionary only. Be liberated from their clutches.

Dream, unrestricted, unchained, but be in harmony with the voice of your conscience.

Be free, be with you, be with you in your dreams, make them your own territory.

Don’t let anyone deprive you of your dreams, of its elements, and of its logic for you.

Dump the practical! Suck the methodical!

Live Severally Alone. Look at your dreams the way you look at your life. Subscribe to your logics to talk to your dreams.

Make your own reality. Be the dreaming realist.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –