I did not know, then
It would go this far
But I was always up
For what was coming
After I felt the need
To go beyond in life

That was the moment
When for a period
I had stopped reasoning
Allowing my soul to feel
What I had felt once
Flowing along the flow

I started a journey
I had decided for me
Though I had forgotten
The path so known
That it looked so distant
That it looked amiss

I have come this far
Flowing unrestricted
And I do reason now
Listening to my soul
Taking life as it comes
Shaping life as I need

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Still living that day
Like yesterday
When I had decided
To sit, to think
To go deeper inside
To make a life
As I had thought
To see the way ahead

It is my decision
To remain unsettled
And to live the feeling
Of the day
As it was just yesterday
The day when I felt
I was crying for an edifice
That never cared for me

I needed to look back
Into the time and its reasons
To try again to find
Why it was all so ambiguous
I would ask for answers
But why there were none
Yes, I still don’t have answers
But I accepted it on that day

What I did in my past
Was about my decisions
And I needed to go along
To find the reasons
For my decisions ahead
To set my soul free
To come out of ghettos
That had cropped up

The day when I realized
My life was still mine
Even if some decisions
Were not in time
When I felt
Even if I was wronged
I could reconcile
With what was dark

The decision
That gave me life back
The way I was
It asked to look back at
The days in past
Even if the darker ones
With reasons never given
To find the light ahead

I still live that day
To own my decisions
Taking what all I say
To reason further
To settle
On an unsettling path
To see the way ahead

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


We come and we go.
We are creation of this flow.
Not entitled to stay forever.
We don’t desire to live forever.
Do the maximum that you can do.
Do so to get the maximum for you.
That is a way to look at life.
That is the way to look at life.
That we have so often.
That we don’t have so often.
Peace can always be a trusted decision.
We come here to go.
We have so been made part of this flow.
Pain and happiness they come and go.
Don’t cling to any and get the blow.
Life is never in extremes.
So stop taking extreme positions.
Its grey is never absolute.
So stop blaming your dispositions.
Do the maximum that you can do.
Do so to get the maximum for you.
That is the way to look at life.
Don’t fear the death.
It is only the finality.
It is the only finality.
Live your life with this sanctity.
Make tomorrow your today.
Make today your day.
Nothing lasts forever in this flow.
Everyone comes here to go.
Make your life go as you do.
Be at peace when it’s through.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Sometimes, it is really disgusting to be the slaves of the worldly ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

It is true we all have to have and have this compromising attitude. At times, we follow it, – voluntarily or involuntarily, this discourse is an altogether different domain of our cognitive abilities.

The truth that is universally true, we become party to it, and it happens throughout the life.

Life is not lived in extremes. One’s living is not survived by the absolute interpretation of events. This is the generic mode a life adopts on its journey. And its generalization is unequivocally universal.

We make compromises, for us, for our people, and sometimes, for others, as the circumstances prevail.

But, there has to be a limit. There has to be enough of it. Taking a stand on an issue and thus subscribing to the humane conscience in you may be painful initially but is wholesome and healthy in the long run.

When, with a progressing age, one’s priorities change and correspond more to the mental faculties and its spiritual overtures, if not to the spiritual overtures, then to the questions on existence and identity, the memories of when you challenged the pressure, when you didn’t bow down before circumstances to make compromises, anoint you and take you on a journey of life that reflects more of your thoughts on the path.

We need to realize how to gauge our dependence on life’s ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ to steer clear of the compulsions and compromises that ultimately make us slave of the events, pawns of the destiny.

Doing so is in us. Realizing it is in our conscience. Corresponding to it is in our soul.

The only differentiator is how well we can read our conscience, how well we can befriend it and how far we can go to be objective with it.

It is the measure of you being ‘You’.

(Context: Tarun Tejpal’s atonement letters that sounds so utterly misplaced!)

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Be wary of the masks people wear.

You cannot sift from the lot, you cannot segregate them, to have a secluded life to keep your soul away from these masks.

At the same time, you cannot allow them to exploit you, to humiliate your soul.

So, be cautious of people who wear masks.

It is true, sometimes, you know you are being exploited yet you continue to be honest, to be good to, to be in relation with the person exploiting you.

No harm in doing so as long as you see it supporting the cause of you being ‘you’, as long as you feel good about assimilating the pain it gives.

It is true you need to trust certain people as you move with time building your life, as you socialize. You need to remain honest while you build relations because that is a must, an imperative, for you to remain honest to ‘you’, to your soul, to your identity, to your existence.

But you must be vigilant enough, careful enough to realize where and when to draw the line, when to restrict the flow.

Yes, it is better to be an emotional fool than to be a practical opportunist.

But, be practical enough to realize the parasitic masks around you.

Socialize, build relations, but maintain a safe distance from the masks. Don’t act the way they act to get over them but don’t let them play with your emotive quotient either.

If you have been exploited by the mask(s) and they are still trying to play with you, it should be the warning message to read the writing on the wall.

Be sociable. Be amicable. But be heedful.

Yes, be an emotional fool when it comes to the purity of emotions, when it comes to the sanctity of you soul, when it comes to the authority of your thoughts, when it comes to honesty and commitment.

But don’t be a fool.

Yes, don’t be a practical opportunist but act practical when you see your ‘be good’ motivation is leading to excessive stress, is giving you pain beyond assimilation.

Be wary enough of the masks to be able to read when it is the time.

Act emotionally fool to give relations that extra mile to save them in turbulent times, but be practical enough to read it when your emotional attachment and your emotive quotient become tools for the masks to use you, to take you for granted.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Life creates notions – driven by one’s surroundings – the external and internal life energy regulating one’s rhythms – in proximity with one’s age, one’s body of experiences and one’s realms of learning..

Life creates notions – the symbolisms, that we follow, that we ask about – in varying proportions – based on how these notions interact..

Based on how life interacts with these notions, we move on to get on to the next stage – making viewpoints – at cross-sections of the muddled waters – at quiet of the peaceful shores – reflecting on the depth of the clear water – thinking on the events of a life in motion..

Life moves through these multiple interactions – making its own space – creating its own pace – finding its own world..

Life thus creates notions for you to interact with it – a process that consummates only when the death calls – interact with life to regulate its flow – communicate with life to organize its energy..  

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Getting up every day looking at the life you think of creating; you think of innovating; you think of reworking; you think of rejuvenating; you think of thinking again on, to make a day that is going to be your day, to make a time that is going to be your prime, to make a life that is going to be all your stride.

Life is sum total of the logical aspirations that find their genesis in your highs as well as your gloom.

It’s always easy to be preachy and it’s easier to dismiss things in the name of deliberate or uncalled for preaching.

It’s always easy to ignore logic in your highs and it’s easier to kill the relevant logic in the name of triviality.

But if life is about being ‘you’ and living your ideals, it is also about living the learning it bestows you with.

You need to be aware of or try to be aware of not following the wrong notions in the name of impulses or vibes only.

If life has not to be analytical; it must not be overtly observational and thus thriftily practical as well.

Life is sum total of the experiences you assimilate sifting the logic away from the rubbish and thus building on the learning that you come across at different crossroads.

As you grow up and start realizing a pattern in your consciousness, you try to build who you are, who I am, who we are; you try to build a world the way you see it, the way you thought to see it.

Puritanically, when you are at the best of it, you might fail to see the logic of some of the questions you throw on your ‘self’ to reflect on; the questions that work to tell you to work on some of your very own illogic; to build ‘you’ out of you.

If life has to be about being non-compromising with your ideals, at the same time, it must never be about being adamant about the changes you need to bring about in your methodology to achieve your ideals based the learnings of the life.

Life is the sum total of your attitude towards your ‘ideals’ and how you make your existence one with the learnings to realize them.

October 14, 2012

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


This sentence was written somewhere:‘Separation’ is a wound that no one can heal but ‘Remembrance’ is a gift no one can steal.

Memories..I am gifted!

Taking a side, heading a day,
Having a longing for the yesterday
When, again, I talk to me,
Morphing the soliloquy of me into we
The night falls, the day prepares to call
The night roars, the day whispers
The straight bars still changing angles
The roars, the whispers, and their confused jitters
Their desperate war cry to tread-off some solace
At the cost of loosing identities; getting some place
Slowly comes the high when all dazzles, and all is seen
The horizons melt, the bounds sublimate, setting the pace
The night and day, now tucking at the bay
I lose all, the night and the day,
When I plunge into this fall,
Out of bounds, taking the side, heading the day,
Now, in my own way
The unusual becomes the real,
When the ethereal becomes the surreal,
When the bars fade-in to come in a circle,
My words find their place, fed with my Soul
When you come to sit with me,
Words make a free fall and silence only speaks
I run again to be lost in that sublime whole,
When I talk to me, gone beyond this life,
Floating in the depth of the melted thoughts,
Drifted apart, drifted alone; getting the parts, creating the whole
The harmony of the silence gets louder,
The Soul stops seeking all, the flow gets wider,
There comes the moment,
Where I sublimate, away from all,
There remains just the soliloquy of we,
Lost in my absurdity, tanned with my words
Washed ashore on the riverine bed of the whole,
Cruising along the unsung song,
When creeps in the painful moment,
Where the journey back to this life begins,
Throwing me into the chasm of lost moments of the night
The Soul remains, but the flow is frozen,
That odd entity, the sleep, comes in its oddity,
The bars resume their dangling,
Crawling again with their rumbustious angling
The day falls, hopefully, for the night to call
Passing a day, living again the yesterday..

October 14, 2011

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Here, I build a life again,

From almost nothing..

Pushed by a resurrected me,

Helped by my silent prayers,

Talking to my faith in you..

Pain, negativity, darkness,

I have been through all..

I have had to live the pain,

To counter the negativity,

To annihilate the darkness,

And I could learn to live,

With the pain in that fall..

Here, I build a life again,

From almost nothing..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Most of us have compartmentalized our lives, making dockets of this or that theme, plugging it into the holes whether relevant or irrelevant, segregating it into the debates of philosophy, spirituality, consumerism, materialism or what not, and forgetting when we enjoyed its simplicity.

Simplicity, that is their in every passing moment.

The common makes for the most uncommon is a well reverberated realization now.

Because, the ‘common’ has been rendered as the most ‘uncommon’!

And we do this. We let this happen to us.

No one can say when it starts happening but it is happening in most of the lives.

It cannot be said when the ‘spirit of existentialism’ starts taking the backstage in our lives.

Probably, it starts happening when the ‘simplicity’ starts losing its appeal in our lives.

Probably, it starts happening when we start losing touch with the free flow of life, delving into the realms of compartmentalization, consciously or subconsciously.

Life is every development that it comes across.

Life is every positive and negative outcome that it witnesses.

Life is every relevant and irrelevant event that it goes through.

Life is every common and uncommon moment that it lives.

Life is in every moment. Life feels about it in every moment. Life is in every positive, negative, relevant, irrelevant, common and uncommon development. It flows from one moment to other, irrespective of how we see this moment from that moment. Every moment is the building block of life and it reflects back on it. It doesn’t segregate but we do.

We don’t appreciate the simplicity of going straight in life. Yes, seeing life in differing perspectives is necessary but those perspectives should be driven by us. Instead, we let the perspectives drive our lives.

We don’t appreciate the life when it efforts to learn from the moments that we think are hostile to us. We don’t appreciate life when it expects us to understand its unidirectional flow – a simple transition from this moment to the next, from this day to the next.

Life lives its every moment but we don’t. Life likes us to go simple but we don’t. Life intends to weave further on this ‘simplicity’ fabric but we don’t.

Simplicity, that makes every day a new day.

Simplicity, that makes you a ‘new you’ every other day.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –