It was Yellow Vs Red – it was the sea of Yellow in the stadium – in the biggest sports event being held in Brazil – making ‘Yellow’ the global flavour – in India as well – Brazil were unbeaten against Chile at home so far – and they remained unbeaten – the ‘Yellow’ crowd was humming loud – as heard and visible on my TV set.

Brazil Vs Chile – the first match of the ‘Round of 16’ of the FIFA World Cup 2014 was overall a quality World Cup game of 127 minutes – (45+1+45+3+15+1+15+2) – obviously excluding the minutes of the Penalty Shootout.

Brazilian attack and Chilean defense were at par. In fact, if we see the match as the World Cup enthusiasts (that I am) and not as die-hard Football fans, it was a dramatic game where Chile bettered their game beating expectations while Brazil were not what a Brazil’s fan expects from the team.

But then the outcome of the game is also day-dependent some times and it was one of those days and we can give Brazil the benefit of doubt. And we need to see it in the context of the brilliant Chilean defense and their game, especially in the second half, that frustrated every move of Brazil, including some very close ones.

The first half was good for Brazil with first goal, though not a brilliant one, coming early in 18th minute. Though Brazil kept their game up, outshining Chile but the Chile equalizer was a brilliant goal by Alexis Sanchez in 33rd minute.

Then it was for the sluggish moments of the second half. Whether it was tactical or temperamental cannot be said, but the game slowed down painfully. Brazil’s show came down. Chile picked up, until Brazil started mounting up the pressure that begin after 70 minutes and sped up post 80 minutes.

And it can be said the sluggish moments were compensated well in the last when the 1-1 tie pushed the game to the extra time (ET) that also failed to produce any result after 33 minutes of the game (15+1+15+2).

And now it was time for the Penalty Shootout – requiring steely nerves, and luck of the day as well.

A Penalty Shootout is always a sad end to a great Football match, and especially in this case, where Chile played much better than expectations, it hurt. In spite of the elevated game, where they were equal claimants of the victory based on the show of 127 minutes, Chile were knocked out 3-2.

The Brazilian goalkeeper, Julio Cesar, emerged as the winning player for the country though he saved two goals, same as the Chilean goalkeeper. The last kick by Jara hit the post and Brazil won.

So, now, the yellow is to spread – and the humming is to get louder when Brazil play their next match – world’s favourites advance to the next round – but Chile deserved that as well.

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June 28, 2014 – 9:30 PM India Time

15h – Brazil Vs Chile – to begin now – Brazil unbeaten against Chile in WC finals at home so far – let’s see today – crowd humming loudly, as my TV shows

15h – Brazil Vs Chile – round of 16 rounding up

15h – Brazil Vs Chile – yellow Vs red – sea of yellow in stadium – yellow is d global flavour – in India as well – Brazil miss 1st chance

15h – Brazil Vs Chile – 1st 10 minutes – Brazil looking up relatively so far – Neymar having some trouble

15h – Brazil Vs Chile – Chile get 1st close chance in 11th minute

15h – Brazil Vs Chile – a good hair-raising Neymar moment – Chile’s 1st yellow card – Brazil free kick in penalty arc area

15h – Brazil Vs Chile – Brazil get 1st #goal and lead – stadium erupts – Brazil 1 Vs Chile 0

15h – Brazil Vs Chile – 18th min gave Brazil their 1st #goal by David Luiz

14h – Brazil Vs Chile – 1st 25 minutes – Brazil clearly up – by game, by 1-0 lead

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Ambition, hunger, conviction – when Xabi Alonso mentioned these words while reacting on the second consecutive humiliating loss of his team Spain that sent them packing from the World Cup 2014 – it showed the scale of loss – that was absolute.

Yes, in both of the games that Spain lost (and lost badly), Spaniards looked down to play with ambition, hunger and conviction to retain their World Cup 2010 title. Records say it is the worst performance by a defending world champion in being knocked out so early of the tournament.

The huge 1-5 loss against Netherlands was enough to bring down the morale of Spain, the team which had looked resigned in the later half of the game. And to regain the confidence, they needed to hit back and strike first in their next game, a must for them, to remain in the tournament.

But it didn’t happen and Spaniards, missing the elements of ambition, hunger and conviction to perform and win, could not respond to the Chilean aggression. And their ‘lost’ composure added to their misery by helping Chile when the winner of the match scored 1st goal in the 20th minute.

The game that made Spain the world champion in 2010 is gone, the two matches, from Friday to Wednesday (Brazil time), show us. If its remnants were there – were seen in flashes only – certainly not enough to bounce back after a huge loss against the team it defeated last time to win the World Cup.

And with the 2nd Chilean goal in the 43rd minutes, the pressure on Spaniards to come back and win the match became high enough to kill whatever spirit they could have had, it can be said.

The 2nd half resurrection that Spain needed badly after conceding 2 goals in the first half didn’t come. Probably, the psychological pressure of hitting back and wining the match after trailing 0-2 hit the mental composure of the Spanish players to the extent that could not convert even a single move to a goal despite making some really good efforts. It’s a common sense stuff that happens always and there is no need of some expert analysis on it.

Spain, the defending world champions, needed to deliver and score a handsome victory in this match to bounce back, to remain in the league, after their dismal show in the game against the Dutch. Instead, they collapsed even more.

It is sad to see Spain out of the World Cup so early but both Netherlands and Chile – they earned and deserved their victories.

Next match I have planned to catch is England Vs Uruguay at 12:30 AM India time tomorrow. This is do-or-die match for the former world champions. The team losing the match will be knocked out of the World Cup and therefore, they need to do all to outdo each other.

Will that give us yet another thrilling World Cup match? Let’s see.

It’s time for some good moments, some quality TV viewing time..

Enjoy the game. You don’t need to be a soccer expert for it. Football was never my first love, yes, but the FIFA World Cup is different.

The motion, the action, the crowds, all so volatile, all so paced up, like the high-pitched notes of every type of foot-thumping music – its so charming, so loving, so captivating.

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