Trains and the Holocaust were inseparable – and the images will haunt humanity forever.

Hitler’s Germany killed scores by stuffing them like cattle in trains and on roads in harsh weather conditions.

Trains were the final component of Nazi Party’s ‘final solution’ to ‘free humankind of ‘Jews and other unwanted races’ – as Hitler and his collaborators saw them.

Trains – that make a significant part of every Holocaust narrative – of books, of memoirs, of autobiographies, of documentaries, of movies – the Holocaust trains.

For millions who lost their lives and for millions who somehow survived – trains were the last nail in their coffin – beginning a ride to hell – ending in concentration camps.

Yes, it is nothing like that today.

The ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, the second biggest mass migration since the World War II (or since the days of the ‘final solution’) to the world’s wealthiest continent (and in the wealthiest continent) is not even remotely indicative of the inhuman ways of the Holocaust.

Except the images showing migrants being loaded into trains to stop them from entering a European nation (or European nations) – with rough treatments by Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Croatia!

And now, the ‘welcoming’ Germany too, has started showing regressive signs with closing its border and demanding ‘fair distribution’ of refugees’.

Yes, we can say the incidents were and are an aberration and the European leaders will find some solution – either in their meeting tomorrow – if they can build consensus – or in a follow-up meeting based on the outcome of the meeting tomorrow.

Yes, the images are not suggestive of those frightening years seven decades back, but they reveal, once again, a primeval mindset every human being has – that we are so easily swayed to the extent that we start disregarding the other human life as if it is non-existent.

Had it not been so, we would never have something called the Holocaust or other reasons behind assassinations and massacres.

The primeval mindset – that so easily makes us to act selfishly to the extent that we start thinking that those who are running from certain death – would start sharing some of the space shared by us – even if it doesn’t affect us in real terms – something that is happening in many countries of Europe.

Europe’s wealth can easily take care of some one million migrants including refugee from the worst humanitarian crisis hotbeds like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yes, the countries need to sit and resolve nagging and divisive issues – and they must do it soon – possibly in the meeting tomorrow.

The world has already seen many bad images from a Europe that is peaceful for decades and has tried to send a message of harmony to the world by creating a unified documentation free travel zone of over 25 countries.

People, in search of life, are looking to a peaceful and financially well to do Europe to seek a passage to be able to remain alive – something that is ‘basic’ to every human civilization – and fundamental for us to remain humans.

And Europe, and its people – need to give them that ‘life’.

And yes, it is not just the responsibility of Europe. We all, in every part of the globe, must extend helping hands.

We all need to be ‘fair’ in distributing our responsibilities.

Keeping in mind the reality that we cannot do anything about partisan, irrational and selfish ways of geopolitics on international issues!

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What is the limit to one’s debasement?

What is the threshold of one’s deliberate insensitivity to hurt someone’s sensitivities?

No limit!

No threshold!

Humanity, with all its civilizations, extinct or extant, has been the aggregated reflection of individual viewpoints, morphed, modified or aligned – with changing times.

The viewpoints have been human. And there are the viewpoints that have been anti-human.

And civilizations are stories of struggles between these two types – pushed by their carriers – embodied in human beings.

Humanity has survived all along – through the thresholds of the debasement of this anti-human block that has manifested itself in varied ways since the dawn of the human civilizations – weathering direct and targeted assaults.

Surviving the fangs that know nothing but the crude blow of crushing everything to pieces.

Civilizations have seen, all along their existence, mass acts of barbarism, acts of ethnic cleansing, imperial wars, religious crusades, violent sectarian movements, terrorism and what not.

Humanity has suffered them all. And humanity will survive them all.

Though it will continue to bleed, as it has always bled!

Because human debasement has no threshold. It can mercilessly push a three year old child in an ocean to die or it can kill thousands of them in gas chambers or it can have scores of them shot in one go in the name of ‘race superiority’.

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The girls – they were raped five times a day or at will of their rapists – just one among other countless and unexplainable atrocities being perpetrated day after day. Some of them could not take it anymore. One of them cut her wrist while in the bathroom. When she didn’t die from it, she slit her throat. The perpetrators and their unmoved guards wrapped the girl’s body in a blanket and threw outside in the garbage heap.

Mankind has always been brutal – in every age since the dawn of human civilization – since the age of recorded history of it – a person killing a person – people killing people – societies that have been saviors for some have uprooted others – societies that have been civilized for some have been savages for others – and yet, when we get a relatively free life in a relatively free society – we don’t appreciate it.

In place of making better of what we have, we let the moments slip in silly considerations.

We need to be thankful that we have the option to work on the life given to us.

We need to be thankful that we can fight to raise our voices against any wrongdoing.

I need to be thankful because I live in a society where I can write this write-up, expressing my thoughts which came while watching a BBC show.

Because there are millions, across the world, in countries and territories, run by dictators or dictatorial regimes or terror outfits like the Islamic State – in countries and territories plagued by sectarian and civil wars – who are living a life, that is not ‘life at all – in a ‘civilized’ sense – in a democratic society. People in such areas cannot speak, cannot react. They cannot voice what they think. Concepts like individual freedom and political freedom are alien to them – irrespective of what they think of – if at all they think of such things.

They are forced to remain silent as happens in China. They are allured to remain silent as happens in China and as recently happened in some countries during the Arab Spring. They are killed in public, in increasingly brutal ways, to set examples for others to remain silent, as is happening in the areas controlled by the Islamic States or in areas where terror warlords run amok.

I can write about them, about atrocities being perpetrated. I can write because there are societies and there are people from those societies who feel duty-bound to report such crimes against humanity.

There is nothing called absolute freedom. But we are free to the extent to decide what we are to do with our lives – we are free to the extent that we can voice our opinion against a move that we feel ‘is wrong and unjust’ – we are free to the extent to protest against such wrongs.

We have this life, in this society that allows us to do all that. And we need to appreciate that – and not waste it in silly deliberations.

Only then we can preserve and strengthen it.

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It is humanity that is always killed. Killing of human lives and mutilation of human existence is the crudest manifestation of it and has continued since the dawn of the civilization.

Hunting, gathering and shifting of nomads, war between early human settlements, imperialist wars, religious wars, rebellions, civilization clashes, world wars, racial wars, Holocaust, cold wars, internal and state-sponsored terrorism – it is always the humanity that is killed; it is always the human lives that are sacrificed.

It has continued to this age of the ‘global village hypothesis and has got embedded in the developments-on-work to realize the ‘hypothesis’. And the way the 20th Century has been and the 21st Century has begun, the human killing is going to continue unabated.

Nations have replaced the empires and politicians have donned the roles of the kings. And ‘many kings’ and ‘changing kings’ only exacerbate an existing perennial problem – the human greed.

The line between the need to survive and the need to please the greed has always been very thin and with increasing avenues to corner more of the limited resources in increasingly layered societies (or to say territorialized civilizations), it is fast losing its distinctiveness.

The modern-day structure of the existing civilizations has come into the shape after the European Renaissance and Enlightenment, the subsequent Industrial Revolution and the resultant European greed (and not quest) to rule over the world.

The world or the ‘global village’ (more in economic terms than for the concerns of the human parity), of the day has had its genesis in that human greed.

This greed had given the world two world wars in the last century killing tens of millions. This greed had given the humanity Holocaust, an unimaginable manifestation of dark nature of the human civilization. This greed had given the world a prolonged cold war that killed millions in the covert war between the two superpowers eager to widen their influence territories in the world. They promoted open and covert wars; war between the nations; wars in the nations.

In the last century, when the colonial empires and the belligerent nation states like Germany, Italy and Japan were bowing out, newer imperialist powers were taking shape. And therefore, the end of the colonial imperialism didn’t change much. Instead, the world became a battleground for the ‘formations’ of the greed of these newer nations (read democratically and autocratically run empires) or the ‘global superpowers’.

It left a legacy of distraught borders between many nations. It left a legacy of puppet leaders in many nations controlled by the superpowers. It left a legacy of regular covert wars to increase the territorial influence by stuffing (yes stuffing) more and more nations in the respective camps (of superpowers). It left a legacy that gave rise to global terrorism and a breed that generates terrorists across the globe now.

It left a legacy of irresolvable controversies (more of human greed) between the nations and in the nations.

By the time, the cold war collapsed in the last decades of the last Century, these irresolvable controversies had become monstrous in their contours. And the rise of a multi-polar world with no real ‘supercop like superpower’ only worsened the situation.

The nation states used as dummies by the super powers had become a sorry state of affairs. They had either installed democracy or the autocracy of monarchy or military. Many continue to remain so. But many, after the end of the cold war, could not assess where to go. They have lurched between failed democracies to oppressive autocracies. They continue to remain so. And the resultant chaos perfectly suits the greed of the ruling class, be it democratically elected or autocratically installed.

They needed a diversion and it came in the form of ‘nationalist rhetoric’. And the legacy of the distraught borders served pretty well to interests of the greedy class. The ruling classes in these countries indoctrinated the imaginations of the populations stuffing them with fear of the enemy in the next country beyond the border. They branded the whole countries as evils and force-fed this imagery. And they have successfully, with varying degree of failure, done so, establishing their rule. In such countries, the ruling faces change but the indoctrination remains the same.  And today, such courtiers are the biggest sponsors of terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism, the war killing tens of thousands every year.

Alternatively, in case of civil war in nations, the similar developments happened on ethnic and religious lines. Here too, the leaders of one community exploited the fear and hatred sentiments of the masses to engage them in fighting for their own borders. Such ethnical and racial cleansing is still killing tens of thousands every year in many parts of the world.

The killing machinery having its origin in human greed has continued unabated in every such nation escalating the spectacle of an outbreak of man-made human calamity in future.

The condition is especially carcinogenic in autocratically run countries with controversial borders or countries with disturbed internal atmosphere like China, North Korea, many other African, Asian and South American nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Congo, Somalia, Syria, and Sudan to name a few (yes, there are many!).

I have written in context of the state-sponsored killing of Sarabjit Singh in a jail of Pakistan: Sarabjit Singh was an Indian national who strayed in Pakistan from his village on India-Pakistan border. Victim of mistaken identity, he was prosecuted for spying and was sentenced to death though he was never given fair hearings.

He spent over two decades in Pakistani jail. With increasing international pressure and a good response by India in releasing Pakistani prisoners languishing in Indian jails, the rulers of Pakistan were facing tough questions on not releasing Sarabjit.

The Military and ISI (Intelligence) combination that runs Pakistan saw it as a threat as the civilian government could have released Sarabjit and it would have been a serious step in improving people-to-people contact between the two nations and could have served to lessen the hostile imagery. That would be ominous for the Pakistan Military that has ruled the country most of the time since its origin after the Indian Independence in 1947 feeding on the evil-imagery of India in Pakistan. A poor country with insufficient resources and chronic corruption, the rulers in Pakistan need some diversion and a ‘hostile India in the perception of the common Pakistani’ has served well to their scheming.

But, as the Sarabjit issue had become a matter of national politics in both the countries with some Pakistani groups advocating for a fair trial to Sarabjit and his release, they could not have him eliminated by hanging or shooting out.

So, the cowards as they have been, sponsoring state-run terrorism and back-stabbings, they got Sarabjit killed in a plot where some inmates of the Pakistani jail, where Sarabjit was lodged, brutally assaulted him that ultimately took his life today.

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