My city calls
As the Spring falls

It’s been some time
Since the last design

Of a quick stopover
On a nascent crossover

To its lanes
Through its planes

But it played out not
As it was thought

With a half-done trip
With some missing kick

And my city calls
To its hallowed halls

For the needed next
To meet the other west

It’s the rewind time
Of that singing line

To live that day again
To read that text again

On the wilder rhymes
To the random mimes

Holding the unsung ink
Twisting the chanted zing

From its steps of life
From its flow of light

Yes, my city calls
As the time since recalls

To live a life again
To go beyond death again

To join the ride again
To feel that love again

Through its winding paths
On its mystic ghats

Where colours enchant
As the days demand

A city longs
For my unsung songs..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Clouds, I want to hold onto them this time

Initiating the conversation of a lost thread

I take a leap forward, to bridge the gap

To fill the void, created by their flirtations

And to address my detachment of ages


They are flying, but they look scattered

They are floating, and they look in a misleading league


Though I am prepared, the unease finds its way

I think I should convey it but I don’t

Their flirtations like always, deter me still

Pushing my thoughts on what if they won’t

But my gaze remains intent, holding them in view


They look alert, if they look indifferent too, unlike it was

There is something, their agility tells it’s different this time


Clouds, for a change, I want to hold onto them

And they look positive to join the communion

The Black, the Shiny, the White, the Gray

They look inclined to begin the conversation

As if they realize what they did to me then


They look scattered, but they convey their willingness

As if their misleading league was to tease me one last time

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –