Yesterday, I posted 2000th post on ‘Beyond This Life, my first blogging platform.

In over six years, since I started writing in organized way – since then, I have diversified my content platforms – starting other blogs and a complete website last year – but so far, ‘Beyond This Life’ has been the only omnibus place.

And though, I had not planned it, it came on October 2, on birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi or Bapu.

I see my writing endeavors as an ongoing journey. I write extensively and as people say – quite prolifically – and completing a milestone point on this journey on the day I was writing on my best ideal from the contemporary political world – from the modern political history of the world – was a pleasant chance event.

I have learnt to celebrate myself – I enjoy going within – and I do so all the time. I feel it’s the best remedy to coexist with life. But on some days, with reasons like this, you feel special about yourself – and no doubt, my ‘celebration’ was charmed by this chance occurrence.

I started with first post on ‘Beyond This Life’ on July 1, 2009 and completed six years on July 1 this year – the day that I celebrate with ‘myself’ as my ‘blogging day’. In these six years, I have shaped three more blogs and one professional looking website that is my personal web journal.

I write on and about everything that clicks me. My posts include analytical write-ups, research based write-ups, social writings, life experiences, satires, fiction, poetry and photography.

The good thing about it is – that I feel after six years – that my flow is free of targets and goalposts. I had not thought of what I would write about next when I had started ‘Beyond This Life’, and I still don’t plan what I would post next. I just try to maintain the continuity with a ‘daily rhythm’ to satisfy my urge.

Yes, when you walk on a journey, you have different stages when you reflect back on to take stock to look further. For me, the correlating wavelength is the body of writing that I have been able to put together – some of it online and most of it offline.

I do not have plans on what I would write next – beyond my thought process hinged on this ‘beautiful coincidence – my 2000 posts on 2nd October – the day that now the world observes as the ‘International Day of Non-Violence’ – in a rightful spirit to pay tribute to the great who became ‘the universal conscience of humanity’.

It was indeed a day of doubled up joy for me.

Beyond This Life

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Then, in 2009, it was Wednesday, on July 1. Now, in 2014, on its 5th Anniversary, it’s Tuesday.

That was the line with which I has started my write-up last year on July 1, the anniversary day, if I should say, to reflect on my journey so far.

On July 1, 2009, I had posted my first entry on ‘Beyond This Life’ – – a write-up on Dr. Binayak Sen’s case.

Its Wednesday again, on July 1, when I am completing six years on this journey, that I know will take me to the place I am aiming for.

I continued with my writing efforts like in the previous years – trying to go deeper into what I think about – trying to add more to what I have been writing about. Yes, this year, less of it was in public domain through my blogs and more in personal records.

Also, this year, I have been able to put together my personal website – – and it is developing in a good overall platform now. I intend to develop it as a personalized web journal with different categories devoted to individual themes.

July 1 is my personal blogging day. Six years ago, on July 1, without any thoughts, I had embarked on a journey to give me an opportunity to write in an organized way.

Six year after, when I reflect back, I see a journey that that has been consistent, diversified and has vivid memories to motivate me to do more on the path.

To quote from my write-up last year – “Words do fail, as I wrote a poem ‘Words, Almost As They Fail’, but on my blogs, they come to stay with me and July 1, my Personal Blogging Day, is the day for me to revisit the days so far to look ahead.”

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October 16: My Third Blogging Milestone Day

Yesterday, I completed three years of posting something, on a day to day rhythm, a work of mine – an article, a photograph, a quote, a poem or digital experiments on images – at least one of them every day, on this blog here, Beyond This Life*, my first blog that I created on July 1, 2009.

On October 16 in 2011, it was now some days that I had been thinking of making it a routine, a discipline, to look for ‘meaningful’ meanings in life after a series of huge emotional setbacks that had left me almost devastated, emotionally as well as existentially.

I was continuing with life, yet I was not living it. Throughout my whole life till then, I had arrived at meanings of events and elements of life on my own, with my identity firmly in place. And I bought what I spoke. I lived for what I was, for what my thoughts were.

But, the series of setbacks left me rushing for to call the meanings that had been pivotal so far. They had stopped responding. There was a nagging element of deepening mutual irrelevance. And my devastation was so acute that I was not able even to track down the meaning of the ‘meanings’ with the energy I was left with, even if I could. Something was killing ‘a person’ in me. My honestly cultivated life of ‘living severally alone’ was taking a severe beating, by detractors, by time, by moments, and by the people I cared for.

But like it is said the absolute hopelessness has elements of hope in-built; that there comes the lowest point on fall beyond which the journey goes always up.

I am yet to dissect on ‘what led to’, or probably I am not willing to look into at this moment, but I could see that ray of hope, I could identify those elements to pick up to enable me to be on the journey up.

And one of those major elements was this discipline with writing and posting something daily on my blog, something that was my own creation. Before it, my blog did have entries of others, though very few in numbers, but after it, it was all mine.

It was first on October 14 that year when I decided to begin but somehow could not post the October 15 entry in time. By the time I hit the ‘publish’ button, it was already October 16. But that was it. I posted another one on October 16, 2011 and it has been continued since then.

Yes, I had no idea on how long to go with, some future roadmap on it, a timeframe for which I would like to continue doing so. To sum up, it had no ultimate goal.

It built on day after day, week after week, month after, and then, year after year. There were small ‘scales’ to scale. There were small goals to achieve. There were randomly made thoughts to work on. And the events followed the continuity on the chain. With the central theme being maintaining the continuity, to have the chain remain unbroken.

It was a gradual healing, in stages, from one benchmark to next. The element chosen here pushed me to think more, think diverse and helped me think away. Here is how I have lived up these years so far on ‘Beyond This Life’.

October 16, 2011 to October 15, 2014 – 1096 days
October 16, 2011 to October 15, 2014 – 1352 posts
October 16, 2011 to October 15, 2012 – 374 posts
October 16, 2012 to October 15, 2013 – 439 posts
October 16, 2013 to October 15, 2014 – 539 posts

These figures are what define my journey on ‘Beyond This Life’ so far, scaling up gradually, like the healing.

What began as an urge to explore and write something day after day is now an urge that comes with a joy of creating every day, writing on range of issues, writing on life, clicking life, experimenting with words and images.

And the satisfying part of it is I still feel the same urge, a call that helps me to remain focused on exploring more and learning more – learning on the journey to life.

And like October 16, 2011, still, I do not have set goals to achieve or ‘scales’ to scale, but the motivation to feel the joy of having created something of my own at the end of the day.

*Beyond This Life –

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Blogging Milestone Day Number 1: July 11 – when I completed 1000 days of continuous blogging in July this year – at least a blog-post a day without a break

Blogging Milestone Day Number 2: October 15 – completing three years of blogging without a break – averaging more than a post a day

Completing three years today on a journey that took a spontaneous change with no further thoughts on the roadmap ahead, driven by the only urge to look for the ‘other life’ in life – the journey that was to become a liberating experience, a joy to free the senses from bondages and from baggage – a learning to learn each day and keep on leaning every next day.

Completing three years today on this journey that has given me the strength of being a liberated soul who fights back and tries to overcome – day after day.

Completing three years today on the journey treasuring and assimilating the joy of creating through expressions and expressing through creations – work after work.

Completing three years today on the journey flowing on words, making the words flow, capturing life on the go, capturing motion in the moving stillness – from this genre to that.

Completing three years today on the journey, a journey of going beyond, a journey on the path to the ‘oneness with the soul’.

Completing three years today, October 15, 2014, on this continued, unbroken chain on the journey that had its formal initiation on an organized platform of expression on July 1, 2009 with my first blog, ‘Beyond This Life’*.

Yes, it has been a journey of experiences in thoughts ever since I started working on ‘Beyond This Life’ in 2009 but its more rigorous, rewarding and satisfying phase began on October 16, 2011 when I found myself embarked on a journey within me that had so much to say and express.

October 15, 2014 – its three years now from the October day in 2011 on ‘Beyond This Life’ and it still speaks to me in the way it had spoken to me on October 16, 2011.

* Beyond This Life

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Some simple pointers first:

October 16, 2011 to July 11, 2014 – 1000 days
October 16, 2011 to December 31, 2011 – 77 days – 79 posts
January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 – 366 days – 400 posts
January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 – 365 days – 430 posts
January 1, 2013 – July 11, 2014 – 192 days – 319 posts

October 16, 2011 to July 11, 2014 – 1000 days – 1228 posts (excluding this one) —

It’s been long that writing became my favourite activity, my trusted companion and my disciplined release from the life of the day, of the moments, and completing 1000 days without any break is the moment to look back again on this recent past, to reflect on what has become one of the mainstay journeys of my life – today is a milestone event on this journey – a day to retrospect – a day to go retrospective on my life and on my life through my written works – obviously the whole work doesn’t get to my blogs now (four, with different specifications) – even if 25% of it, blogging is still the primary tool for me to be disciplined with writing – and completing a period of 1000 days without a break tells me the discipline has been able to follow its course so far – and reminds me of the need to continue with it – for this – this is a Milestone Day for my blogging – and for my writing discipline.

It is not that I began blogging on October 16, 2011. That was in July 2009.

October 16, 2011 was a random event when my life was exploring ways to overcome one of the biggest setbacks of my life that had happened some months ago.

I always felt good after writing but it was probably different and liberating of the moments that day that motivated me to write one more the same day and another one the next day.

And the feeling sustained.

And thus, my writing continued – from one week to other – from one month to the next – and then year-on-year was there – the feel of reflecting on life and on life around me – the sense of going Beyond This Life – the urge to speak my mind on events catching my attention and pushing me to think – the pleasure to go inside and create moments through my words, through the photographs clicked by me – the bliss that was taken away had a way to come back – with the joy of writing – with the joy of creating.

And July 11, my first Blogging Milestone Day with my first blog, Beyond This Life*, is a day for me to reflect on, to think over, with this sense of satisfaction.


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Personally, it’s a day for me to look back on one of the milestone developments of my life, the day that was the first step in organizing my writing – July 1, my Personal Blogging Day – with ‘Beyond This Life’, my first blog.

And it has been on the job – five years now – since I started writing a blog – the 5th anniversary of my formal initiation with blogging – on July 1, 2009 with the ‘Inhuman Humanity’.

By soul, I have always been a development activist and though it was not planned, in the hindsight, I feel good that my first blog-post was an article on human rights (in the context of Dr. Binayak Sen’s case who was released on bail recently and the state’s role in his trial and the role of state in inflicting greater hardships on the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in India and it’s surroundings).

How did it all begin: I don’t have any concrete idea since when I had started thinking about writing a blog. Yes, but the thoughts were there, long before I began it formally in July 2009. What was not there was the push, needed to initiate me on a regular writing spree.

It came as a result of some factors that still give me mixed feelings. Back then, it was concurrence of some events and the associated emotional assimilations – inspiration, motivation, betrayal, answerability, reasoning and the subsequent need to look inside – and as more and more clarity, with its obvious shock and liberating effects, emerged – my writing started getting more in-tune, in-sync, with me to write more and write regularly.

With every year, the ‘consistency’ got more regular, especially in the last three years.

The journey and the discipline: The five years so far – I say it a journey because I have been able to be consistent with it and have grown with it. Living ‘severally alone’ has been central to my existential questions and writing regularly has disciplined me to realize it in a spirited way.

The 1826 days since July 1, 2009 have seen 1435 posts on ‘Beyond This Life’ (excluding today and this post). Since October 16, 2011, ‘Beyond This Life’ has been consistent with my efforts to get its daily share of my life.

My blogging discipline has satisfied my urge to write and write more and has added to my other creative endeavors. I have been writing and I am writing on whatever I feel I need to write on – from politics to international issues – to human rights – to social and development issues – to art and culture – to travel experiences – to communication – to society and social media – to life and experiences – to philosophy, to individualism, to religion, to spirituality – to random reflections on the spaces around me and in my daily routine – whatever that appeals me.

I have written articles. I have written poems as well. Photographs and quotes are essential to the soul of my blog.

Though English is my primary language, I have been able to write Hindi poems as well. And many have got good reviews by the people who know Hindi well.

I have been able to write regularly because I write for myself primarily. I feel good after writing and subjecting my satisfaction to my self-scrutiny and feedback. Yes, I do share a part of my writings (and photographs) on my blogs – yes, blogs, three more that I started later on dealing with narrowed posting themes – and it is always a welcome development if others correlate with my writings or stay back to read what I write.

There are ideas and there are words looking those ideas. There are ideas generating ideas. And there are words generating more sentences.

Words do fail, as I wrote a poem ‘Words, Almost As They Fail’, but on my blogs, they come to stay with me and July 1, my Personal Blogging Day, is the day for me to revisit the days so far to look ahead.

Then, in 2009, it was Wednesday, on July 1. Now, in 2014, on its 5th Anniversary, it’s Tuesday.

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2 calendar years: 2012, 2013 – 731 calendar days – 830 posts
909 posts in 808 days – October 16, 2011 to December 31, 2013

– each one an intellectual property – a copyright work

..of a journey that began on July 1, 2009, with my first blogpost on my first blog, Beyond This Life, and is to continue adding to its over 1100 posts..

Write-ups – on life – on its questions – on its aspects – on living a life

Write-ups – travelogues – memoirs – life experiences

Write-ups – on questions of identity, existence, faith, God, life and death – the spiritual quotient of my blog

Write-ups – on Varanasi (or Kashi or Banaras)

Write-ups – social issues – social analysis – Human Rights – issues on Development – Activism – sociopolitical concerns

Write-ups – on social media – on Communication – on media – on political communication – on political branding

Write-ups – on political affairs – national and international ones affecting India – political analysis – political satire – on elections

Write-ups – on real life incidents and experiences – on observational learning circumstances

..write-ups on anything that clicks on a day to inspire to write..

Poetry – mostly in English, sometimes in Hindi – on life – on shades of life – on human emotions – on life experiences

Photography – human emotions and expressions – life experiences – nature’s – landscape – travel

Quotes – my reflections on life and things beyond life

Paintings (my sister’s) – some of them are on my blog – Digital – Mix Media – photographs of canvas paintings

Now, in fifth year, the consistency of over two years on the journey is more about being disciplined; it is about drawing the satisfaction from that discipline of creating something regularly, day after day, in those 60-90 minutes (extended sometimes), than merely filling my blog with ‘anything’ on every passing calendar day just to maintain the count.

And the discipline, and the satisfaction of being able to create a work, asks for more, rightly and rightfully.

And it is to go on.


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