We are to be blamed. We cannot shirk the responsibility. And so we are rightly to be condemned.

But who are we?

Are we the idiots, the nonsensical stuff, who are tailor-made to remain so.

You may disagree but, logically, I am correct.

What else should we be when we, so foolishly, elect the set of corrupt and criminally tainted politicians year after year, election after election?

What else should we be when we blindly follow the godmen who defy every tenet of godly behaviour?

Who else could we be when we fail to identify what is good for us, what is bad for us, what is practical for us, and what is logical for us?

Who else could we be when we repeat the mistake, again and again, not learning from the innumerable chances that our mistakes, that our errors of judgement, that our misplaced sense of discretion, give us, again and again.

Politics is supposed to be the sociological function to shape and strengthen the democracy in a country like India. Politicians are supposed to be the elected custodians to serve the cause of the people to support the elements of democracy.

Religion is supposed to be the ideological, spiritual and social function that inculcates a discipline to follow life according to the norm in a society, a norm that intends to promote the humane values, the concept of ‘humanity first’.

But, both, politics and religion are creating effects, events and undercurrents in the society and in the country that are antithesis to these supposed functions.

Add to it the cancerous concoction of religion and politics. It completes the circle of exploitation, of democracy, in the name of democracy.

And we, the idiots, are source of this jeopardy.

We keep on electing leaders while they are in jails. We keep on voting them in power even if they are illiterate, have been incarcerated for their criminal attributes, have court cases piled up against them, and are even alleged of murdering other human beings. The proportion of such politicians in the political lot is increasing at a dominating rate.

We keep on following and worshipping babas, the godmen, like fanatics even if they are jailed for allegations like rape and murder, even if they throw tantrums like film celebrities, even if they defy the god the name of whom they use to sanctify their unholy godliness.

Yes, we are to be blamed. We cannot shirk the responsibility. And so we are rightly to be condemned for the predicament we are in, for the imminent threat the Indian democracy is in.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


The enlightening comments by our dear lords, the evergreen kings, the valiant usurpers of fiefdoms, the rigorous practitioners of duplicity, our very own, near and dear politicians continue unabated enlightening us on what we should do, what we should think and how we should perceive.

But, at times (and at regularly random intervals), there come some observations, some statements, that stand tall, that look apart, that sound to set a precedent, of a vision that our dear politicians want to project for us.

Last week has given us more than one such thoughtful observation by our dear lords. Two are important for us to understand that given their long-term impact. Unfortunately, as has been the case, most of us have misunderstood, and so have reacted negatively.

The first and the foremost is from one of the leading claimants to the prime-ministerial chair in the next parliamentary elections, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, who came with a simple yet innovative measure to reduce poverty (read chronic poverty) found in Indians of a not-so-poor country India.

He proposed: “Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then one can overcome poverty.”

See! So simple!

Just follow Mr. Gandhi and start believing that you are not poor and see the miracle happening. A panacea to address the billions of dollars of the fiscal deficit and the billions of dollars of the subsidy burden that have their genesis in the large base of thankless economically backward and poor Indians!

Next in the line is a comment about and at the behest of one of the youngest chief ministers in India who is currently at the top of the affairs in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh.

Here, a young and brave IAS officer (Indian Administrative Service) could not understand the vision and intent of the young chief-minister and took on the sand-mining mafia.

She could not understand the modern-day political symbolism of the tradition ‘family comes first’ and that too, when every politician in the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) in Uttar Pradesh is like a family member of Akhilesh Yadav’s government.

She took on the sand-mining mafia in an area where the activity was being patronized by the local SP leaders, one of whom is a claimant of a chair in the highest policy-making body in the country, the Lok Sabha.

Also, establishing an empire needs some sacrifices and what if some SP leaders are earning wealth from some the so-called illegal activities. They, in fact, are creating assets to build loyal party cadres and votebanks to build stabilized political base in a time when nothing else but money speaks and commands. That leaves them with no other chance.

The lady IAS officer could not understand this underlying necessity and did all to scuttle this serious ‘fund-raising’ work.

See! How naive she was that she took on this politically pious family tradition!

The young chief minister ignored it for almost a year before he was ‘unwillingly’ forced to take some stern action.

And, ‘we, the stupid Indians’ did not understand the spirit of his act. We should learn from Mr. Naresh Agarwal, a senior SP leader who so beautifully defended the ‘selfless’ act of the young chief minister of India’s most populous nation.

He said in an interview: “King can do no wrong” justifying suspension of the 28-year old IAS officer.
In fact, it is such an enlightening and refreshing interview that all of ‘we, the stupid Indians’ must watch it. (Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI9H6l4Id-8)

Why, we, as a nation, are still suffering?

It is exactly because we fail to understand (time and again) the intent of our dear politicians like Rahul Gandhi or Akhilesh Yadav.

When would we understand?

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/