Expectations were there and were fulfilled. It was the day for Germany and it was the day for Argentina – based on their performances – and thankfully, the luck factor has not much to talk about – there had to be a winner – and we have the winner now, in Germany – the 4th World Cup Crown to the European team – the first team to snatch the victory and the World Cup title in a South American nation.

There were no dull moments. There is nothing slack on the moves to talk about. The First Half was brilliant. The Second Half was equally brilliant. The Extra Time was brilliant as well.

There were Messi and Muller and other moments in the first half and there were rush to score and grab the ball. There were two Yellow Cards in quick succession. The goalkeepers were on the job. The defence line was on the job. The attack was as sharp as expected. Moves were made, chances were created and chances were blocked. The flow continued and bettered it in the Second Half.

By the Half Time – the Argentine jersey, the Blue and the German jersey, the White – had given us the Game that was bright – on a Beautiful Bight – of the World Cup 2014 final —

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A game to the level of a World Cup final was expected and it was delivered. It was brilliant. It was magnificent. It was full of smooth and rough moves and it oozed the Football power. It remained goalless and suddenly it came, in a heart-stopping moment that was well earned by Mario Gotze.

And it came in the 114th minute – with a memorable trail behind it – with the heat and the pulse of the day punching action-packed moves regularly:

23h – Germany Vs Argentina – to begin in 7 minutes from now – the game of many ‘Vs’s – the match of the grand moment – 🙂 —

23h – Germany Vs Argentina – 15 minutes into the game – one Messi moment and one Muller moment leading the pack so far —

22h – Germany Vs Argentina – 2 Yellow Cards in 10 minutes – the rush is going to bring some good out of this game —

22h – Germany Vs Argentina – real, real close chance for Argentina, driven by Messi in the 49th minute —

22h – Germany Vs Argentina – Argentina had it – they didn’t have it in the 29th minute – the goal was denied as the referee found Higuain offside —

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