There were many in India who felt like celebrating Diwali on Donald Trump’s shock win the US polls, a win that has sent shockwaves across the world. Some even went ahead, from the class of political herds with borrowed mentality, to perform hawans on Trump’s victory.

Even if the Trump’s victory bitterly divided America, Indians those who liked to see things from a ‘Trumpian’ mirror, saw their liberator, their saviour in Donald Trump, who has very real chances to emerge as the most inept US president so far.

For them, the irony could never be stark, could never be darker than its contours.

An Indian has become the target of hate crime that threatens the American social weaving. A Hyderabad engineer, working in the US, has been shot and killed in a mad rush increasing Trumpism in the US society. His friend, a Hyderabadi Indian, got seriously injured. Someone killed him because he didn’t like outsiders on the US soil.

And these ‘someones’ are in multitudes, voting for Trump, fuelled by his lethal speeches that show his hatred for immigrants, racial minority and Muslims.

After his travel ban plan was halted by the courts, Trump is now talking of ‘military disciplined’ deportation of immigrants that include some 300,000 Indians.