That blue of ball pen refill
That violet of maddening thrill
That green of a hazy sheen
That red of a messy sixteen
That yellow of permanence
And that black appearance
That white of a subdued peace
And that mix of splashed piece
It would always be a family time
When Holi would be at its prime
Though I didn’t love chemicals
But as there were no herbals
There was no other way out
But to give in their bout
Yes, they were the traction
The guys from my location
Refusing to leave my trail
Until I joined their rainbow rail
And once I would be on board
I would be one in the hoard
Be it a ball pen refill
Or even the chemical bill
It was an annual spectacle
That I viewed as debacle
It was an annual struggle
That I won like some truffle
Those were the Holi days
Their umpteen mundane ways
When it was a bit Kafkaesque
And it was a bit Supermanesque
When I would say no to say yes
And I would finally find my brush
To spend some time together
To think on its ‘ifs and buts’ later
Yes, it would finally be my time
When Holi would be at its prime

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Colours – to bathe you 🙂
Colours – to lift you 🙂
Colours – to tell your tales 🙂
Colours – to go places 🙂
Colours – to make you friends 🙂

Colours – to read you red 🙂
Colours – to colour your blue 🙂
Colours – to paint you aura indigo 🙂
Colours – to purple your violet 🙂
Colours – to culture your yellow 🙂
Colours – to shine your orange 🙂
Colours – to jazz you green 🙂

Holi It-1

Colours – to rain your rainbow 🙂
Colours – to kaleidoscope your life 🙂

Holi It-2

Splash the day – soak it in colours – #Holi it 🙂


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/