Love in those heady days
Fulsome with all its heady ways
When she would say it all
When he would do it all
Where he would go
There she would go
There silence had no place
Words were all to fill the space
Love in those heady days
Fulsome with all its heady ways
When it wasn’t planned
When it was on demand
When songs flew together
And souls danced together
Where life never sucked
Where love never ducked
The textbook love romanticized
With all the feelings fantacised
Be it sorrow or tomorrow
It was intended only to grow
Whether a cry on the sly
Or a fury with adrenaline high
He and she would take it all
She and he would never fall
Oh yes love in those heady days
Fulsome with all its heady ways

DTI-1 - Copy




You were never right to say it wasn’t wrong
You were never wrong to feel something was amiss
Coz you never realized which side you were
Coz you never realized where you belonged
Until words became too hollow to hold any further
It was always a square or a circle with trapeze
And not the straight line you had in your mind
It remained elusive
You chose to speak your mind to coexist
And that was your innocence,
When you thought life will come around
But it was selfish when life chose to go otherwise
You remained there, with your world
That you so honestly tried to create
But life was seldom there
And whenever it chose to spend a period with you
It was always sought something in return
That you had so soulfully nurtured
And it took away all, one by one, like a disloyal partner
It would always seek more, even if you were left broken
When you were betrayed
It didn’t have even the false assurances
When you were left alone
It pushed you more into a chasm of no end
When you felt lost
It tried even to mislead you into the wilderness
You did not see it all then
You were never right about it
But then how can your innocence be wrong?
All it did was seeing the life in a right perspective
You thought it was always a straight line to coexist
Even if the journey was always rough
The friction
That defines your existence was always there
Where would we be without friction in our life?
But all this while,
Life was busy encircling you in its tentacles
Of false ideas, of false relations, of false existences
You were taught, you were preached
To blame yourself first, to find fault with yourself first
Even if you knew you were pure in your heart
Such was the mirror
That you would go with such absurdities
When you had decided to open yourself to life,
A mutual coexistence was in your mind
But after all these years,
You find life did all to throw you into a lonely abyss
Now that you can see through its designs,
Knowing that a part of you has been co-opted,
You need to be existentially right to come out of illusions
You need your straight line, more than ever..




Life is unpredictable. Life behaves in bizarre ways.

Routine experiences in life – yet disturbingly new in their shock value – that make our thought processes so sick that we feel like resigning to our fates.

You never know what is going to happen the next moment yet you plan for it. That is human nature. Building you future on your perceived permutations and combinations is human nature. We all do that.

We pass. We fail. We feel stuck.

Sometimes, life walks along with us. Sometimes, it chokes our vision. Sometimes, it simply goes blank.

Routine experiences in life – that make us question our existence – or simply co-opt us to get along with the flow.

But come what may – a life we all have got – to live.

It is unpredictable. It is bizarre. Yet it is the only life that we have got – that we will get.

At times, it shocks you and it is true that no one else can do anything for you. It is only you who can find a way. It doesn’t matter how sick you are feeling, you have to find a way out of it.

You have to live them as routine experiences – being always conscious that they are not going to dictate your thought process – that they are not going to be the person for you.

Yes, that is always unpredictable – a shock’s shock-value – yet you have to find the threshold of it.

It’s bizarre – yet imperative to live your life here.



Life, sometimes
Is bizarre
Like curls of your hair
Inviting, comforting
Yet mysteriously silent
Like your words
They speak much
But say nothing
Life, sometimes
Speaks so alienated
Like a story
With no end
Hours went on
Days passed
There is a flow
We both sense
Yet you failed
The two lifes
And many lives
They lived
Life, sometimes
Sounds strange
Like your gaze
But unsure of intent
They speak much
But say nothing
Like curls of hair
They lock me in
Yet leave us out..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


I was being inconsiderate or life was getting inchoate
I cannot say but thoughts were certainly not amorphous
Distant in the past or remote in the future or even now
Or the events of yesterday or the thoughts of tomorrow
Living was taking meanings of a transcendental abyss
Into chasms and alleys of days experienced and sought
I wished to run away, I tried to walk in, rereading them
But sense in words failed to register on a cerebral mess
I had travelled for so long in my thoughts, unrestricted
Going to the years so far that I had not kept the count
But I could not decide how to get out of this labyrinth
Even if I let my ‘self’ flow along the designs of the times
I could not see the elements that were there yesterday
Even if I allowed my soul to wander again into this chaos
All I could see walls all around which I had razed long ago
Contemplation & The Reflex









©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –





©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


I usually smile, sometimes I cry
Sometimes, I get sulking as well
But I do know
Where is the axis of my life
Wherever I may be
I have to come back to you
You are that part of life
I never get disinclined of
Dying is the final truth of life
But equally true is the fact
That you have given me life
What I have done
What I am doing
And what I want to do
That is possible
Only if I remain ‘I’
Within my limits
Beyond limits of this world
And that ‘I’ of I
Is because of you, your being here
And because of my people
The axis of ‘them’ is you
Nothing is ideal as such
Life takes many forms
It lives many lives
But we are still together
We cry, we laugh
Sometimes, we do not speak
But they know the place
They have come from
And what is their limit
You are in first words
You are in every decision of life
Always giving me the shade
Irrespective of life’s shades
What else do I need
But you by my side
Your presence that binds us all
In a thread
Mother, I know my home is here..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –




Soliatry - 1

Soliatry - 2

Soliatry - 3

Soliatry - 4

Solitary Collage


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Colours, dappled and clear
Flowing, floating, free spirited
Drawing random lines of joy
Meeting the careless curves
From nowhere to all around
Splashed, split in moments
Met on blurred edges

Colours of all hues
From the Full Moon sky
To paint the canvas
With uninhibited expressions
On a joyride
Sometime running amok

Colours, soft and flippant
Meeting their alter-egos
Seeking to go inside
Bursting with their emotions
In a huddle
To get into others’ souls
On a day, once a year

Colour Collage 2


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


A day brings reflections
Feelings create emotions

Days meet the months
Months try the seasons

Time moves to get its wear
On what life tells of a year

Day after day, bit by bit
One more year is knit

When the day recollects
Experiences and their texts

With memories in motion
Reflecting on my passion

On a day to look back
Calling the journeyed track

Revisiting what events pack
With my thoughtful knack

On the living on this way
In rendezvous with this day

The day brings back stories
Stories than extend the series

That began with the first cry
Building on life for my sky

The day brings reflections
With tales of my seasons

Born on a day, in my age
It’s time again for my ways

Born on this day, in my sway
Life reminisces the year today

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –