Inhuman Humanity was the first article that posted on my first blog, ‘Beyond This Life’. Dr. Binayak Sen, the noted human rights and civil liberties activist was recently released on bail after a protracted court battle where he was pitted against the might of the state machinery of the Chhattisgarh government who did all to prove him an active Naxalite leader.

The battle was fought nationally and internationally, with noted people and social activists from India and across the world running campaigns to put pressure on the Indian government to do justice in Dr. Sen’s case. The short-lived respite finally came with the Supreme Court decision on May 25, 2009. Dr. Sen was jailed again in 2010 when he was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Raipur court.

The Supreme Court again came to the rescue when it granted him bail on April 15, 2011, with an eye-opening remark:

“We are a democratic country. He may be a sympathiser. That does not make him guilty of sedition. If Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography is found in somebody’s place, is he a Gandhian? No case of sedition is made out on the basis of materials in possession unless you show that he was actively helping or harbouring them [Maoists].” – The Hindu, quoting the Supreme Court Justice C.K. Prasad

After five years now, the satisfactory things is Dr. Sen is still out of the jail and his appeal against the local court’s ruling convicting him of sedition is pending in the high court.

The other issue that I wrote about in the article was themed on human rights violations in Asian countries in India’s neighbourhood – Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, and Afghanistan – and in India – and focused primarily on the miserable conditions of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) – due to internal and external factors.

Through the reasons of displacements were different then, at least in Pakistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, the aftermath of the factors forcing the people to be displaced internally continue to put their life in tough conditions where surviving every day is all that matters for them.

Here is the article that I wrote on July 1, on my Personal Blogging Day, in 2009:

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