Though Pakistan is trying hard to deny India the glory that a successful Surgical Strike by India against terrorists in Pakistan controlled territory of Jammu & Kashmir has brought, we can easily gauge the sentiments in Pakistan, by the pre and post strike body language of its leaders.

After the Uri terror strike, that killed 19 of our soldiers, most of them sleeping, Pakistan had started feeling the heat as there was intense demand in India that the country should take some decisive, concrete against Pakistan this time.

To handle this, and to thwart any serious response by the Indian establishment, (and buoyed by the past precedent, when India had hesitated to take any tough measure), the Pakistani ruling elite started blackmailing and threatening India with their so-called tactical or nuclear weapons. And it reflects so perfectly in the body language and changing statements of Khawaja Asif, Pakistan’s defence minister.

After the Uri attack but the before the Surgical Strike, the favourite line of Khawaja Asif happened to be that it will eliminate India with its tactical (read nuclear) weapons if India tried to impose war on Pakistan. See the body language and carefree attitude here (in this video) while he delivers threat (bluster) to India here.

Now see this. This video clip shows same Khawaja Asif post the Surgical Strike on the intervening night of September 28-29. See how resigned he looks, as if he has been slammed left, right and centre. The look on his face clearly shows that the Pakistani ruling elite had not expected a Surgical Strike from India even in dreams and was in a state of shock, not knowing how to respond. He stutters while accepting that there was an aggression by India and if India tries it again, Pakistan will give befitting reply (and not that ‘Pakistan will nuke and eliminate India).

And what about this tweet on October 3 from Dunya News, a Pakistani news channel.

Dunya News @DunyaNews
India-Pakistan cannot take risk of a nuclear holocaust, we will keep supporting the right of freedom of our Kashmiri brothers: @KhawajaMAsif

Now it is indicator of complete realization (and surrender) in the ruling Pakistani establishment. In just a week, from September 26 to October 3, Khawaja Asif has travelled from ‘we will nuke and eliminate India’ to ‘India and Pakistan cannot risk a nuclear holocaust’.

But old habits die hard.

So it will take some time before Pakistan can recalibrate its strategy and response to a bold, new India who is asserting herself on the global stage and who is ready to take on minnows like Pakistan who have gone rogue with nuclear power, both militarily as well as diplomatically.

Till then, let them say whatever they want to propagandize. Why should we care.



We may call it coincidence or destiny’s cruel joke or poetic justice of nature, but whatever propaganda Pakistan is spreading against India these days, it is coming back to hit it only, be it geopolitical in nature or anything else.

Something on these lines happened today in an interesting development. Pakistan’s senate today passed ‘a resolution unanimously to felicitate the Pakistani cricket team on becoming number one in the test cricket’. And today only Pakistan lost its number one spot. And that, too, to India.

India today defeated New Zealand to win the second consecutive test match of the three match series and took an invincible lead of 2-0. And with it India regained its top spot in the test cricket. India was the top test playing country before Pakistan.

Pakistan had become number one on August 22 after India-West Indies test series had ended in a 2-2 draw – while to retain its top rank, India had to win the series by 3-0.

Perhaps, the Pakistani ruling elite could not get time since then (or pulse for it). Anyway, better late than never. Even if it took 40 days (since August 22)! But, see what happened! And they chose this day!

While the Pakistani Senate was passing the resolution honouring the Pakistani cricket team for becoming number one, it slipped back. And that, too, to India!

And in times when anti-India sentiments in Pakistan have peaked. This incident tells us that destiny doesn’t want to stay with Pakistan anymore. Naturally, if the Pakistani senators would have realized that India could unseat Pakistan from the top spot today, they would never have gone for it. True, misfortune spoils the mind!

Pakistani military and its ruling elite have always adopted an anti-India stand and have always practiced and fuelled anti-India propaganda. Fomenting and spreading terrorism in India and showing India in a negative light on international platforms have always been on the main agenda of every Pakistani ruling elite.

Now that India is responding back (strongly) to this Pakistani agenda, both militarily and diplomatically, the skewed balance that Pakistan was enjoying so far, has gone to a toss. And in fact, is rightly tilting in India’s favour, especially after the Surgical Strike deep across Line of Control (LoC) in Pak-occupied-Kashmir. And no one is taking Pakistan seriously even if it has scaled up its Kashmir rant and is doing its every bit to convince the world that India did not carry any surgical strike in PoK and it was mere a rumour.

A game should be treated with sportsmanship and being number one or two or victory or defeat is an inherent part of it. But timing is the devil here. This whole newsbreak has nothing special about it but this coincidence, which, if we say in the style of Paulo Coelho, says that the ‘whole universe is conspiring against Pakistan’ – (even if its advantage goes to India or India somehow comes in the scene).



September 29 morning brought us the biggest newsbreak of decades and the proudest moment for every Indian. After Pakistan’s cowardly strike, India has struck back and true to its growing global reputation, has owned it before the world.

Indian Army has gone 3 kms deep into the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir territory, a disputed area that is under the intense cover of bayonets and AK47s of the Pakistani army and terrorists, has carried out surgical strikes on six terror launch-pads with perfect precision, killing dozens of terrorists and some interfering Pakistani soldiers, has inflicted heavy damage, and has come out with flying colours. And with no damage, no casualty.

And India, like a responsible member of the world community, has owned it, informing Pakistan and the world community that it has carried out these surgical strikes, even if many of them were still pushing us to go for talks to a backstabbing nation that has always worked to bleed us, including the latest Pakistan sponsored terror strike at the Indian Army base camp in Uri. We lost 19 of our soldiers in an act of cowardice since most of our soldiers were sleeping. Yes, there were lapses, but the Army has avenged it and in style – and with substance.

Ever since the attack, Pakistan and its leaders are in a state of shock. And it initially reflected in their state of mind, speaking in different and incoherent voices. After the surgical strike, they initially didn’t know what to do and what to say. Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif said it was an act of ‘naked aggression’ by the Indian Army. Its defence minister Khawaja Asif initially said yes there were such incidents over the night but if India did so again, we would give a strong reply. So they admitted the surgical strikes. In fact, many from the Pakistan’s political establishment said things on these lines.

But how these versions changed with Pakistani army’s diktat shows the chaos India’s move caused – with foolishness and boorishness defining the thinking process of Pakistan’s ruling elite.

Since its all powerful army has denied (or desperately tried to downplay – to save its face) the surgical strikes move by India, the whole Pakistan is now trying to toe the line away from what its prime minster and defence minister had said initially. They say no surgical strike took place and it was a mere Line of Control (LoC) aggression.

But the body language of Pakistani politicians and the meek response of its Army show that the realization that India would strike back has come as a rude shock and they are in a state of disarray on how to respond because they realize that Pakistan is no match to India. And with its new bold, foreign policy – with its traditional upper hand – in economy, in military, and in technology – they are finding hard to respond – going for silly bravados like ‘we will defend our country, we will give befitting reply to India in case of future attack or we are in a state of war preparedness’ – or the silly Pakistani media propaganda that show the Pakistani army has captured or killed so many Indian soldiers or has blown this many Indian outposts across the LoC.

How sham now it all looks. How hollow it sounds.

Pakistani military was on high-alert, its F16s were doing midnight road sorties for war preparedness. Its leaders, prime minister, army chief, everyone was busy issuing all sorts of threats against India, including nuclear threats. The eastern border (LoC) was specifically on their radar.

Yet India struck back, and at will. It went deep into the Pakistan controlled territory and destroyed terror camps, not one or two but six, and the whole operation lasted for around four hours. And in spite of all the tall claims of Pakistan of being in a war-ready state, it could not do anything. Pakistan could not beat even the bush properly to push its propaganda aimed at saving its face.



Featured Image Courtesy: AGD-PI, Indian Army’s Twitter page